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Recently due to injury of my neck I was given Decadron in the Hospital to reduce swelling and pressure on the nerve. I was also placed on a 3 week regime of slowly tapering dosage levels of Dexamethasone to keep the swelling down. It wasn't for about a week until the oiliness of my skin begin to manifest into a level of acne I have never seen in my lifetime.

Within 2 weeks I developed hundreds of hard painful pimples from my face, back, shoulders, chest, and stomach. The acne is much more painful than normal acne and using a dermis tool is almost impossible because the core of the acne itself is hard as a rock, like having little rocks trapped under the skin. I have had a similar outbreak many years before after being hospitalized but never to the extent in which I have it currently.

Truly your flesh hurts, crawls, and itches. Short of taking a power sander to my entire body to open these lesions so they can begin to work out of my skin is there any other way to remove them or speed the process up, it has been over 2 weeks since I have slept more than 2 hours in a sitting because my body just cannot remain comfortable?

I know this will pass in time, but how much longer must I endure the worst of this? The lesions on the face are mostly cystic type, but the ones on the shoulders, chest, and stomach are a combination of cystic pimples and whiteheads.

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