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Extremely bad acne

eusa_shifty.gifI am in my mid 20's and have extremely bad acne, I have never had it like this in my whole life. I need help on what I should do. Topical treatments are not working and neither is eating healthy. Is there any medications that actually work quickly and effectively? Pleas help!

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You sound just like me. I never had acne until I was in my twenties and I started taking BC pills. They caused horrible acne and it never went away, even after I stopped taking them. I get HORRIBLE outbreaks about a week before I get my period, like my face absolutely explodes with 10-15 small painful cysts, every time.

I've changed my diet..it helps a little with the overall acne situation, but nothing seems to be able to control the hormonal breakout I get once a month.

Nothing can stop it, but following the regimine CAN help. It's the best thing I have ever found for drying up zits and healing the skin. My hormonal breakout was about three days ago and it's already starting to heal up.

I recommend it. I don't think I will ever be completely clear, but this system gives me a way to fight.

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The only flaw I find in dan's regime is the alpha lotion...it removes layers from your skin, and in the long run it will make you look older. After 3-4 stop using the lotion, since your skin won't crack as much because your skin is used to it.

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