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Hi guys, I am so confused at the moment and I need help. I started saw palmetto three months ago for hormonal acne as I cannot take birth control pills. For the first month I took only one pill daily. For the following two months and till now I take two pills. I have not noticed any significant improvement and I have no side effects at all. I go on with it because I read in several posts that it takes long to act. I also started vitex three days ago. My usual break out is two to three cysts or pimples before my period, but in my former period I broke out AFTER the end of it, and it was a bit worse. I am now in the middle of the cycle (ovulated yesterday).

I wonder is it possible that the SP make me burst after three months of usage so as to purge, or is something else wrong???. I dont consider that vitex has interacted yet, as the breakout happened before I started it. My cycle is clock accurate and if it wasnt for the acne I would never thought that there is a hormonal problem.

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So i figured out the problem by reading another post just after i posted this one. I forgot to mention I used castor oil on my face for 3-4 days overnight as I read its good for the scars. Yep.... IT IS NOT. I assume the break out is because of the oil. Anyhow, feel free to reply...

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If you want an oil for your face try jojoba oil or borage oil. Other people have good results with them and they won't make you break out.

I don't know where you live but if you are in Canada there is a product called ESTROSMART by Lorna Vanderhaeghe which helps balance out your hormones if you can't take birth control pills. She has a website you can look at if you like. My daughter takes them for her acne and I take them for period issues.

Good luck.

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Thank you hope7. I actually live in Greece, but i will check the estrosmart on the net. I already ordered the regimen from amazon. I hope all the combos finally do some good!

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