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Healthy Makeup And Skin Routine For Acne Prone Skin That Hyperpigments.

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Hi all I know it’s tough dealing with acne, and so I’ve devised this makeup routine for anyone suffering from any forms of acne. It’s the best one in my opinion (I use these products and can tell you from experience they’re fantastic)


if you’re Asian like me you know how hard brown marks are to deal with. Luckily Caucasian skin deals with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation in half the time, and so if you’re dealing with red marks don’t fret! They’ll be gone in a year. I also want to add that I hyperpigment very easily so for those that are the same as me this is worth a try, and to those that don’t, this will give you the same effects but 10x quicker! Here’s a good regime for you guys:

WASH WITH Salicylic/glycolic acid containing cleanser

MOISTURISE with a vitamin c cream

(I use vitamin c cream; it’s called garnier dark spot corrector. For PIH, and an ayuvedic anti wrinkle anti scar cream, very gentle on the skin. Called Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream)

LYCOLGEL FOUNDATION or CONCEALER. (It’s £50 pounds but stays on ALL DAY, doesn’t come off easily, and is waterproof (and I’ve tested it and knows this is true) it is VERY light and gives at LEAST a minimum of 70% coverage. It is suitable for acne prone skin; it’s practically medical grade makeup! I’m so serious!)

Then for the hyper pigmented areas I simply have an orange eye shadow that I put on the darkened areas to counteract their dark colour and put a light layer of Rimmel foundation on top of the areas. Any orange powder and powdered foundation will do. I do want to stress that you shouldn’t put too much of these on because it counteracts the “breathability” factor of the lycogel.


wash face with salicylic and then massage hypertrophic scars with Vaseline for 30 minute on each spot. THIS WORKS. I was sceptical but oh my... If I had known I could have done it on every new hypertrophic scar I had. It works better on new scars, I don’t think it will work as well on old scars but the massaging helps loosen collagen bonds so it is definitely still worth a try and won’t harm your skin or block pores because Vaseline is too thick to block pores.

Then I wash my face lightly with warm water, moisture with vitamin c cream and then get LICORICE EXTRACT and mix it with water and put it on the scarred areas. This is a natural, healthy and skin friendly alternative to bleaching agents like hydroquinone. It inhibits melanin production and reduces inflammation as well as speeding up recovery. Because it’s runny I then put on some Micropore tape over the areas to stop it from ruining my bed sheets and sleep with it on. Don’t worry; Micropore tape is very breathable and suitable for oily/dry/combination skin.


I have just been prescribed Epiduo for a deep closed comedone on my nose. I have thoroughly researched it’s effects and was thinking about starting to use it a week before my two weeks spring break, and to use it every other night for a week and then every night, just on the one area. Also think ill moisturise the area 15 minutes before and after application. Does this sound okay? Anyone have any experiences with it? I have a feeling that the comedone will turn into a huge pimple because it’s so deep, and was wondering what I could do to prevent deep scarring on an already ravaged and pigmented area of skin. also the comedone is under scar tissue, so would epiduo even work? i tried explaining to my doctor but i think he just saw it as a comedone under pigmented skin although i know its scar tissue because it's shiny and a different texture to my normal skin, and is slightly raised. I thought I'd ever so slightly pierce the tissue with a sanitized needle so the gel could actually get to the comedone. If I dont find any answers I'll ask the pharmacist for help or ring the doctor. Please help! Thankyou!

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