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How The Heck Do I Treat This?

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OK so I have this scar on the side of my nose and I've been using AHA+ and it's slowly reduced the redness and appearance of the scar but I was wondering what other treatments could I use to get rid of it faster? I've been researching about chemical peels, tca cross, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and dermastamps but I'm not sure which one would be most effective since I have no idea what type of scar this is. I know it doesn't look bad in the pictures but it's really noticeable in real life.

EDIT: I just noticed that if you are on a laptop, you can see the texture of the scar better if you move the screen a little bit backwards.














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Go to a dermatologist for this. From your pictures you look olive-toned, which means you can't use as many treatments as pale Caucasians because the of the risk of hyperpigmentation.

A chemical peel, laser treatment, or excision could fix/reduce this. It depends how much you want the down time to be, among other factors.

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Thanks for the help. Any other suggestions? A dermaroller wouldn't help this right? Im not sure if you can see from the pictures but the outer area of the scar is raised a bit and the middle is level with my normal skin or maybe slightly depressed, cant really tell. Would a tca peel help get rid of the redness and level the scar with my normal skin?

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raised scars are tough to treat. i did tca peels and they did nothing for them. i had the erbium yag laser done as well and nothing. i am currently getting co2 (100% ablative) treatments for the small raised scars on my chin and while it is helping its an extremely slow process. i am going for my 3rd one on april 9th and if i dont see the results i want then its dermabrasian for me. i am tired of dealing with this crap! i think the problem with the laser is that it really cant blend the raised areas with the regular areas of skin and i think that is where dermabrasian works better. also most plastic surgeons seem to be very conservative and dont go deep enough to get really good results. some places even do both co2 and dermabrasian at the same time as well. anyway good luck to you!

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