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Good Food To Eat For Acne?

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Hey everyone. I am a 18 year old male and during the majority of high school I fought with acne. It was never super bad but it was still annoying to deal with it. Over the summer it cleared up and now I deal with only a few pimples here and there but they usually go away fast. Now I stopped using the acne medication prescribed by the doctor because it really effected my skin by making it dry. I have started to drink a lot of water, also I try to eat a lot of fruit and stuff, don't drink milk often or any fast food.

But I am still curious to hear what other foods are good for acne.

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This is only what i do- i aint no expert here.

I used to eat lots of fruit... oranges,apples, banana and beyond!

I always noticed i would get these weird bumps and sometimes breakout and i would turn red after eatting oranges and apples

so i went to get an allergy test and found i was intolerant to all cirus fruits, apples, bananas, soy, milk, soy, almonds, bakers yeast, tomatos and a crap loads of other shit.

Im not saying it exactly causes acne- it just affected my overall complexion and after i cut all of those out a year and a half ago ive been okay

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