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Amazon Requiring Us To Make Links Active

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We use Amazon's affiliate program to generate links that show people where to buy products in our reviews section. Normally Amazon gives an affiliate (like us) a percentage of any purchase that people make when they click on those links and buy. We have always turned off the money making part of these links and have received no compensation. However, Amazon recently contacted us to let us know that we have to make these links active or they will no longer allow us to use them. I'm not sure why they are strict about this, but they have given us a warning that unless we turn on the links and receive payment, we will be kicked out of their program.

We will use 100% of any money generated from these links to improve acne.org.

I wanted to let you guys know what's going on and get your feedback. Thoughts?


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It's okay! I've no problem with it, and in fact approve it, as long as you're not cookie stuffing.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing done right is the most ethical, because you're not charging for advice, purchasing is completely optional, and you have to return the money if a customer returns the product. It's only fair.

Of course, you'll have to have a new disclaimer/disclosure somewhere.

Thanks for asking!

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What is cookie stuffing?

It's black-hat marketing technique where you put a cookie on someone's computer without them knowing. So, the person/"pawn" doesn't have to click on the link for you to get the commission, because the cookie is on the computer like a virus/malware would be. Cookie stuffing violates the affiliate agreement and is absolutely illegal.

As long as you use the affiliate program normally and to the agreement, you won't get into trouble.

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That's creepy. No, rest assured that we don't do stuff like that.

Yeah, it is creepy. One of the sites I used to visit occasionally was caught in a major cookie stuffing scheme. :( I never went back there again.

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