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How I Am Losing Weight

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Below is what has helped me to lose weight.

  • No sugar. (I use honey or fructose to sweeten things)

  • Drink pure chimp super tea. I can’t stand green tea so this stuff has been great for me.

  • Swap white for brown (bread, rice, pasta etc).

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week

I feel great and have a lot more energy following this regime.

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How Am I Losing Weight?

I don't understand, I eat really a lot (I quite often feel full after each meal), but I can't seem to gain any weight. (barely 50kg for 1m68)

I am underweight and I'd love to get any advice on how to gain weight while still eating really healthy (to be safe acne-wise).

I don't exercise much by the way.


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I understand you, anonyshamed. I was also underweight (60 kg and at 186cm's) and I ate a lot but could never seem to gain any weight. It really takes time with a mostly vege based diet to gain weight but it can be done. I'm eating a lot of sweet potato mash with coconut milk, a lot of filling meals such as chicken curries and wholesome stir fries. I have a lot of smoothies with organic almond milk and berries. I also started to eat a lot of butter, grass fed organic, and cooking with that and also drizzling that over everything i eat.

I think exercise is going to be very important, once i started that was when I started putting on weight. Your diet and exercise go hand in hand. I take a 100% organic hemp protein powder after exercise to help me along with muscle gain. It's not like the rubbish powders that are usually taken. This is 100% plant based. I even buy an organic coconut chocolate butter ( there's no sugar in it) and have spoonfuls of that throughout the day or on top of banana pan cakes i make. My acne has gotten any worse on this diet and regimen. It's improving every day and i am almost clear.

There's lots of things we can eat, you gotta eat big of course, but exercise is gonna be very important. If you just try to eat and gain weight, that's not the right way and that's the mistake i made.

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