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Hi all! I'm new here (well posting wise, been surfing the forums for a lil while now) and have had some hypertrophic/keloid scars on my back, chest, shoulders, neck from some pretty bad cystic acne back when I was younger (did some acutane to end the acne but by then the damage was done). I've gone to a dermatologist who did steroid injections for over a year and although there was some minor improvement it just wasn't working out (especially with how many there are each treatment was 17 or more injections in a single sit down).
I'm not sure what to do now at what would be the best thing to try next since some say iodine stains, others lasers of sorts (but theres so many laser types that I wouldn't even know where to start with that), to dermastamping/rolling (which I've done a little bit and my word does it help stop the itching at least if nothing else), think I read about some different types of chemical peels for raised scar tissue as well; but just so many things it really leaves me confused. What do you all think would be my best bet to do?
Would really love to get rid of these scars some day so I could go back to swimming and enjoy the summer times. All help/ideas are appreciated!




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You look like you have hypertrophic scars (not keloids). Hypertrophic scars are easier to treat. You also have a better chance with treatment because you're so light-skinned.


-Excision (surgical removal)

-Lasers, specifically pulsed dye lasers to remove the redness and ablative kinds like CO2. Note: CO2 isn't used often on the back, as the back doesn't heal as well as the face. You must absolutely get a qualified professional for this!

-Cryotherapy (freezing)

-Chemical peels are better for that "dimpled" texture.

-Pressure dressings and silicone sheets

Multiple therapies are combined for best results. Again, go to a professional experienced in treating this!

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Hey, just wanted to tell you about my experience with scars I got from acne during high school. Mine are located in the center of my chest, and a few on my shoulders. I have seen many dermatologists over the years, most of which called them "keloids" until I decided to go to a plastic surgeon instead and he informed me mine are "hypertrophic scars", and they look identical to yours. My dermatologist did many rounds of steroid injections that were very painful and didnt make hardly any difference, and he also tried the "fraxel laser" which was extremely painful and didnt make a difference after three treatments.

My plastic surgeon recommended pulse dye laser, I did my first round and seen a very noticeable difference within a few days to a week, and I'm going to my second treatment in two weeks. They are normally spaced out 3 weeks or so to allow changes and healing to happen. Most plastic surgeons dont accept insurance, or at least mine does not, but he is charging me $250 per treatment and is expecting me to need three treatments to get the best results. When I am done the scar will be flat, and very close to my skin tone. I am very light skinned, and he also said that will be in my favor, as it would you. you should definitely call around your area and get a consult with a surgeon who offers pulsed dye laser treatments, it has changed my life! oh, and dont let anyone try cutting them out, it WILL make it worse, been there done that with one of the scars on my shoulder, he told me that since he was removing it with a laser beem, and burning the inside of where the scar was with the laser before he stitched it up that it wouldnt grow back. well it did and it was way, way worse...best of luck to you!

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Some good advice from the two previous posters. I think a combination of steroid injections + 5FU and pulse dye laser will help to flatten them.

5FU is a chemotherapy drug that has been used to flatten hypertrophic scarring.

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