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Day before yesterday, i did this baking soda exfoilating thingy on my chest amd back. Making paste of baking soda and water. After the shower i found white bumps in my cleavage and breast area. Its irritating me..:/ my chest aint soft to touch beacuse of this. Did this stupid baking soda thingy caused this?

I use vaseline oat lotion after shower. Might this be the reason?

How to get rid of it...i first of all dunno what the it is..whiteheads? Keratosis pilarsis? Acne? No idea..they are hard..HELP!!!

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Perhaps it may be an allergic reaction from the baking soda or just irritation. If it doesn't go away after a couple of days I suggest you see a GP to get it analysed.

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Baking soda can cause this? Bumps all over my chest now. :/

And i am having itch all over my face, neck, back...i even got rashes near my neck and i have severe itch back of ears. Is this beacuse of DIFFERIN??? I am just using differin on face and neck.

I was using acnederm(azelaic acid 20%) on neck, shoulder, back..but then i got severe rash on my chest area which caused more acne and redness and scarring. I have not been using it from a week as my derm said. My skin these areas has become so sensitive now. I dunno if i should use it again or not.

Can vaseline body lotion cause or worsen acne?

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