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Hi everyone.

Story of my life:

I'm a 15 year old male who's been suffering from acne for the past 1/1,5 yrs. It all started occasional small pimples (1/2 mm wide) in the T-zone but then it spread to the cheeks. At the time, I didn't have any idea what was going on - that was a big shock for me!

Consequences: I wasn't careful and I scratched some pimples so I ended up with small ice pick scars.

Additional Info- during the pimples/scars healing I exposed them to sunlight (at least 1h a day) and I picked them a lot.

The acne itself is not my major concern. I've been diagnosed with "moderate" acne by my local dermatologist and its currently under control. My regimen includes:

+ 1/2 glass of orange juice a day;

+ Soup everyday

+ Multivitaminic which includes 15 mg Zn; 80 mg vit c; 1000 mg vit e (i can provide detailed information if requested)

+ Lot of water

+ Fruits and vegetables

- Milk

- Sugars

I have occasional spots (once a week) and a dab some clyndamicyl.

My problem

I have some shallow ice pick scars on my cheeks (Maybe 9 on my right cheek and 13 on the left one). They are darker than the surrounding skin and if I prick (palp) them I feel a hard tissue underneath which seems to be the scar tissue.

I´m not worried about the pits because they are small (less than 1 mm) and hardly noticeable; I'm worried about the "hard tissue" and the discoloration.

I really appreciate your help,


NOTE: I will post pictures as soon as get my mobile.

The "hard tissue" in my left cheek is not as hard as the tissue in my right cheek and the pits are also slightly smaller in my left cheek.

The scars are 1 year old

Never had a cyst, just some big postules

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Please answer this questions:

Will the hard tissue go away?

Will the discoloration go away?

What do you think I should do? I believe this is a mild scarring so is retin a or needling enough?

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