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Should I Stop Wearing Makeup If I Have Acne?

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Of course it's better for your skin if you don't wear makeup but that can make you feel self conscious. But if you are comfortable going without makeup you should. Sometimes your makeup can be making your skin worse.

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If you're willing to go without makeup then your skill will probably love you for it! And I admire your bravery - personally, I haven't gone out in years without wearing makeup, so the idea of going bare-faced anywhere, even to the grocery store, is beyond my comprehension. But hopefully one day I'll be in a position where I'm confident enough to go out in public sans makeup! :)

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If you feel god about going without make up the go for it!

But if you feel better wearing some then do that. Like the other poster said just make sure it is non comedogenic, oil free, doesn't contain harsh ingredients like alcohol, and doesn't contain other irritants. You can check out the ingredients in your make up on a site call www.beautypedia.com.

I say do whatever makes you feel the best about yourself because acne is a struggle!

Good luck.

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Since I started wearing no make up I have seen an improvement in my skin overall, but if I am having a breakout I'll apply a bit of bareminerals blemish remedy on the reddest spots, I say do whatever you feel most comfortable with though :)

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I have never found that makeup makes any difference in my acne. It makes a big difference in my self-esteem, though, and it is SUPER FUN!

BUT - research shows that it can affect acne. Generally, acne issues associated with makeup are called 'acne cosmetica', and appear as a non-inflammatory type of acne, i.e. little bumps. There is no research to show that makeup is associated with inflammatory or cystic acne.

HOWEVER - certainly you may be sensitive to certain ingredients. For example, people who have sensitivities to bismuth oxychloride (found in bare minerals and several other mineral and non mineral make-ups) can experience more severe flare ups because they have a sensitivity to this ingredient - but then it's not makeup in general that is causing the reaction.

So, in my personal, generally flawed opinion, fear of makeup is highly overrated. It is no more likely to cause breakouts than anything else you rub on your skin (moisturizers, gels, creams, etc, etc). But, just like those things, you have to be mindful of what is in it, and considerate of your own personal skin.

Best of luck!

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well if you want your skin to breathe, sure go for it. It feels great to not wear makeup, actually I made a post about going "au naturale" and saying how I was going to quit makeup . Well I did....for like 2 months , and let me tell you if you are like me and have more acne scars/pigmentation than acne it freaking sucks. It was the longest 2 months of my life, and honestly I thought it would be like a huge help but it wasn't MUCH. Now I'm not saying this in a bad way,it does help, just that for me makeup is not a huge culprit, as I thought it was. I hadn't changed my diet and I still got breakouts but I did notice a difference, I just went back to makeup and decided to heal myself from the inside. Makeup doesn't really help my confidence or self esteem much but at least it's easier to face people in my case. Well, now i'm ranting. I just say go for it if you feel confident, it DOES help your skin, especially heal faster

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i am really worried and want to know should i stop wearing makeup if i have acne?

Personally, I would stop wearing makeup. Makeup can't cover up acne or bumps, because it can't conceal the shadow around it unless you dump buckets of makeup.

Makeup works best for the "flat" stuff, like melasma.

The vast majority of ingredients in makeup don't penetrate the surface of the skin, because foundations, etc. aren't designed to. (Why would you want makeup to penetrate the skin, anyway?)

Makeup could if your skin was greatly compromised, like from a medium-depth to deep chemical peel. That's why derms tell you not to wear makeup for 1-2 weeks, because the heavy metals/contaminants could penetrate the skin and cause permanent discoloration.

Edited by Michelle Reece
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From my personal experience, going makeup-less has resulted in much clearer skin. This past summer, I broke out horrendously! I'm talking nice ripe white heads and cyst all along my chin, jaw and lower cheeks. Some of that was caused my the humidity of summer, but I would also slather on thick makeup to cover everything. It was just a bad cycle. Now, I don't wear any AT ALL, except for the occasional concealer to hide a blemish or two.

You have to imagine your face/skin as a filter. It's constantly playing a huge roll in fighting off diseases, infections, and other bad stuff. If you throw mud onto that filter, it's not going to process impurities as well and it can't breathe. It's important that your skin gets a chance to breathe.

Positive effects of not wearing makeup:

-Pores won't get clogged as easily.

-Face won't feel greasy and heavy through out the day.

-Face breathes.

-Helps prevents wrinkles from persistent tugging on skin.

-Saves time getting ready.

-Look naturally pretty.

There's A LOT more but I just thought I'd give you an idea. And keep in mind, I do still get acne but not nearly as bad as before.

You should definitely try it:)

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yes,if you put on makeup with talc and so on in it which clogs pores worse and breaks you out worse. Also there are alot of other irritants if you have sensitive skin, i wear bare minerals makeup and it does not break me out and mineral makeup at walmart is bad it still breaks me out when i use it

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i am confused. some are saying i should stop doing makeup and some are saying no its ok.

Yeah, I figured there would be some differing answers here.

To clarify my previous answer: it would be problematic if you're trying to cover up more things, but it won't work. Otherwise, the ingredients are fine, as they won't penetrate the skin under normal circumstances to cause acne.

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