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Derm type?? read!

I keep hearing about all of your derms waiting to give you accutane or prescibing alternatives first.

I walked into the office I told hik about my acne, and he said you have two options, a topical with an anti biotic or accutane, I chose accutane.

Is that bad of him to do that? I mean Dont get me wrong I am very happy with accutane and it is a lot more powerful but all you guys are going on retin-a and all that stuff when I went straight to accutane?

I guess what Im trying to ask is...is that normal??

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I think so. I went to the Accutane expecting for them to give me antibiotics first...but she saw the scarring I was incurring and based on how long I've had acne, she recommended Accutane. She told me ultimately it was my choice...but man, I'm sure glad she suggested it! At first I started thinking that maybe my derm is just Accutane-happy but I think its a pretty reasonable drug overall, esp. if you have scarring, and you're being monitored carefully.

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My doctor did the exact same thing. And my acne isn't even that extreme - just persistant and causing some scarring. I think its great! I don't have the time and especially not the money to waste on things that don't work. I have to wait til monday to get my presciption - he's out of town for the week damn it!

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