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Help Identifying Bumps

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I have cleared my skin very well with diet, so my face no longer becomes inflamed with any type of acne lesions. However, I have these weird scaly, skin-colored flat bumps around my chin on the right side of my face. I'm not bothering with a picture because you can't really see them and I don't have a good camera. They aren't inflamed, and they aren't pimples. They are crusty and feel rough to the touch but are pretty much invisible. A google search turned up Actinic Keratosis, but that seems to affect older people (I am 24) and none of the pictures look like what I have. These are small, individual bumps, and they do tend to come and go (very slowly). I used to have some on the other side of my face, but they've all gone away, and now they're showing up on the right side.

Anyone have experience with this type of thing? It's really annoying, but I can't justify going to a derm and spending money unless I can't take care of it on my own or it's cancer or something.


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i would spend the cash and go to the derm and get checked out. it could be anything. i am doubting its skin cancer or anything like that. take some pics and post them but really it is best to get checked out by a doctor. they can tell you what it is and how to get rid of it. if you cant afford the derm your primary care doctor might be able to help you if thats cheaper. just call them and tell them what is going on.

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I agree with tracy.

Whatever you have reminds me of flat warts on the face. There's not much you can do OTC to treat them. They typically require prescription retinoids, imiquimod, or liquid nitrogen.

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