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am i schitzo? quick read poem from

" completely me "

it is too late

just accept your fate

it's really so elementary

come on, what took you so long to see?

your love grew, it bloomed and now it's past

so understandable for you to feel like an outcast

pull yourself up by those boot straps, that is what they're for

if you just sit her and sit here you'll find yourself in a trap door

there's still so much.. for you to see and do

just put on a smile, and try to look pretty too

the world's your oyster, honest i don't tell you any lies

just pull yourself up, even if it takes a hundred tries

you can do it, i know you all too well

even if it seems right now you're in a living hell

i did it, and look at me, i'm fine as you can see

without all these life experiences i wouldn't be completely me

so come on, hold my hand, i'll help you through it too

it is too late, accept it, you and him are through

the world is watching you, so put on your biggest smile

you might have to fake it, for a bit or maybe for a while

soon you'll see, i'm telling you this cause i want you to be free

free from pain, free from drama, free to be completely me

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i have a schizophrenic in my family, a manic depressive, and an autistic (spelling?). You are neither of those.

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Guest >:(
thanks..i can share my heart and not get judged or labeled weak for it wub.gif

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