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Extremely Dry And Flaky Skin

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So I've been using the regimen for about 5-6 weeks now and my skin feels horrible! Before I started I would say I had moderate acne.

Things started out well. Around 3 weeks my acne was clearing up, I followed all the instructions, I slowly upped the dosage so by 4 weeks I was using a whole fingers worth (I have the tube not the pump). But then my progress completely went down the drain! The acne itself is still kinda bad although not as bad as before but my main issue is EXTREMELY DRY SKIN! At first I figured that was normal but it is just horrible! My forehead looks SCALY and it feels like SAND PAPER. The rest of my face isn't as bad but still pretty flaky. I use to use the moisturizer but I noticed that it just made my skin flake more. I'm pretty sure the dryness is affecting my acne progress.

Did this happen to anyone else??


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I had the same problem about 1-2 weeks ago, so I know how u feel. I was so miserable because of the flakyness and dryness, I just wanted to cry all day long, but I didn't want to stop using the regimen either. So what worked for me was using less BP. At night, I use the full dosage on my entire face, as I did before twice a day, but now, in the morning I apply BP only and solely on my cheeks, because that's the worst area of my face and there are the most breakouts. So in the morning I'm really careful not to get any of the BP on other areas of my face, only my cheeks. And I also started to use a new moisturizer, but it's used only in the morning, as well. It's Bioderma Sensibio Light Cream, it's for very sensitive skin. It makes my skin softer than Dan's moisturizer, but I still use that as well, but only at night. So these changes happened 1-2 weeks ago, I don't say that my skin is now soft and smooth as a baby butt, but it's way better than it was. The flakyness has almost gone, now I can see it only in the edges of my face, and though it's still dry, it's not so painfully and extremely as before. I hope I could help, because now I feel so much better about my face, and I wish u the same results, because I know how desperate u are now. And another thing: don't be afraid of using less BP, it still does the work with the pimples, the only change is that my skin is way less irritated. Good luck!

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My sons have been on the regimen and they had the same issue as you. Their skin cleared up beautifully the first few weeks, but then went downhill around the 2 month mark. Their skin was constantly red, irritated and breaking out more. It seemed the more BP they used, the more pimples they got. And moisturizers did nothing to help, they just stung and made their skin more red. So they got fed up and went back to only doing the regimen once a day. Right away their skin looked better, and it has stayed better. This might not work for everyone, but it sure has been better for them. I would try either once a day, or if you do twice a day only use a small amount of BP.

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From what I understand the flakiness is normal and all part of the process. Cutting back on how much BP you use seems to work for some people. If you have the right moisturizer (non comedogenic and non irritating etc )it should help and you can apply it as often as you like during the day.

My daughter started to use Dan's AHA after the first month and that helped quite a bit. The dryness does go away after a while you just don't want to make it worse.

Other people on this forum have used the jojoba oil for the dryness and seem to really like it so you could give that a try. Either mix it with your moisturizer or put it right on the dry areas of your face.

Good luck!

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