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Can I Fix These Scars With Laser Or Am I Gonna Be Stuck Like This Forever?

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Your scars needs lasers like Fraxel Re:pair, punch excision, and/or high-strength chemical peeling, such as TCA CROSS. It's unlikely that all the scars will be 100% fixed, but you'll see a definite improvement.

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I was thinking about getting a couple of mixto co2 treatments with a treatment of subscision.

Those two are often combined for improved results.

Here's a place where you can find rated plastic surgeons and dermatologists: realself.com/find

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Thanks! How many do you think I might need for fairly good results?

It depends what you want for "down time" and % improvement.

CO2 lasers: typically 1-2 treatments.

Non-ablative lasers: typically 2-4 treatments, sometimes up to 6.

Punch excision: depends how many scars can be treated with this.

TCA CROSS: typically once, but this depends what other treatments you use, and % of TCA,

You're welcome!

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I think you can get some improvemnt from the various scar treatments out there, laser alone is not going to fix the problem. It will take a long time and several courses of different treatments together to see the best improvement possible. I would look into subcision first and then maybe excising the deeper pits. After you are nice and healed, someone can go over the area wirth the laser that would best suit the situation. There are other ways such as the dermaroller or dermapen, and dermal fillers. It takes a good plan and some time but with the right treatments and procedures you could see some noticeable improvement. You do have pretty heavy scarring so it will take a aggressive approach. Let us know which way to decide to go, good luck!

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Since you are in LA talk to Dr. Rahimi. His results are really good. I would recommend subcision with stem cell enriched fat grafting.

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Don't Spend any Money yet getting subcisions, Lasers, or any other treatment before you get your active acne under control. I know there are plenty of Doctors willing to do these procedures ASAP with us as many are very money hungry, But makes no sense doing any of these procedures as you could most likely Scar your skin even more while doing subcisions, Lasers,tca cross. Please see a Dermatologist first to stop your breakouts. Once you know for sure that's under control, i would recommend what others have suggested. I would say you need more than 1 subcision. Probably 2 to 4 and Mixto sounds like a good choice. TCA Cross from what I understand is not effective with only one treatment. I think you would need 3-5 treatments go get the best results from it, but there is risks involved which could make it worst. Please do your homework and read others who have shared their experiences with these procedures.

Please remember nothing is 100% in treating acne scars, but Improving our scars is all that we can asked for.

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I agree that you need to get the active acne under control before you start scar treatments. Oftentimes scar treatments can aggravate active acne, so it may make the situation worse. I'm not sure if you are getting cystic acne, but from the way your skin is scarring, it seems like your acne is / was quite aggressive. Accutane may put your acne into remission. It stopped mine completely, and I had very very bad cystic acne. If you go that route, then you have to wait about a year before you can start scar treatments because it does dramatically shrink your sebaceous glands (which are important in healing).

After that, you may start looking into the treatments mentioned above. I would add that TCA Cross and lasers may require multiple sessions.

It's gonna be a long haul for sure, but there are options.

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