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Deciding Whether I Should Use Accutane/oratane

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I'm sure you guys probably see these posts all the time but I felt that I needed somebody else's opinion on my personal situation.

So recently my dermatologist prescribed me oratane to treat my acne. He explained to me about the common side effects briefly and the ways in which I need to take care of my skin during the course. I happily agreed at the time but it wasn't until I got home and began to do some research online when I began having some second thoughts about it. I have read how the drug has changed some peoples lives for the better and some some who claim it was the worst decision of their life.

I am a 15 year old(turning 16 in August) male who is very active, playing about 3 hours of sports 6 days a week. My main concerns regarding taking Oratane is that it may hamper my sporting career, future growth and perhaps lead to permanent damage in some form. I am content with the issues of dry skin during the course of oratane but I have read that the drug may cause joint or muscular pain and as I am still young it may perhaps stunt my growth in some capacity. I am currently in preseason preparing for my footaball(soccer) season which begins next month and I am afraid that oratane could affect my performance and training. I aspire to be a top level athlete so not playing sport wouldn't be an option.

Also, people have said that it perhaps causes permanent damage to the sebaceous glands which could cause skin to age quicker in the future?

I would arrange for another appointment with my dermatologist to raise my concerns but I don't want my parents to have to pay $150 just to ask him a couple of questions.

People have suggested that it is helpful to take other supplements while on oratane so what things should I take? Also what sort of vitamin A foods should I be avoiding?

I took a blood test before being prescribed the Oratane by my dermatologist and he has also told me to take prednisolone and eryothromycin with the 20mg oratane tablets. I have been taking the prednisolone and eryothromycin for a couple of days now and today is the day when I am supposed to begin the Oratane course but I want to ask others for their opinion first.

If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated,


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Hi Edward

Simply put, I'm a believer in this medication. I've been on it for 9 weeks now, and you can read my experience here:

There are tons of other personal experiences available online, but the negative ones always tend to overshadow the positive ones. The decision of course is ultimately yours, but it's the best decision I've made for my skin :)

All the best.

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