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This thread doesn't have much of a point, I just felt like I needed to vent someplace. ('Cause everyone needs to vent sometimes!)

So, about two weeks into highschool I hated it so much that I just left. I'm now going to a private school that is -so- much better, it's unbelievable. Sounds good, right? But, I'm still not happy. Even though I know that God has given me so much. I left the few friends that I had behind. My skin has been terrible lately and on top of having no real friends I just feel so lonely right now. I know, not a postive thread. sad.gif

It seems my only friends now are my cat and my computer. LOL

Feel free to vent yourself or add some personal frustrations. smile.gif

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they couldn't have been your real good friends that you enjoy being around since u just left everythign behind to go and try to start a new life...

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shit man...sounds a bit sucky.

It takes time. Give it at least 3/4 weeks and things'll start getting better. I know that when i changed schools, i hated it at first, but it got better and i had the best time ever and loved every minute of it.. It takes time.. you have to hold your head up high, smile, laugh and you'll be well away.

All the Best,


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thanks for your supportive words, check it... eusa_eh.gif

yea, it will just take some time, as fronk said. i changed schools my sophomore year of high school and it took me a few weeks to get situated, but i also ended up having the best 3 years of my life.

it's never easy, but just give it some time and be yourself and you'll have a ton of friends in no time.

and until then, we're here for you! good luck!

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