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Sudden Dry Skin

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I am probably on week 4 of The Regimen, lost count already, and now suddenly my face is getting really dry and flaky again. My face was first dry and flaky in the start, but now it just started happening again and i dont know why. I have been doing the same thing, and out of nowhere, like some days ago, my face got really dry and flaky again. I raised the dosage of BP slightly if at all and everything else had stayed the same with a gentle non-drying cleanser and moisturizer. Its gotten so bad that i had to start using exfoliating wash every two days to get rid of all the dead and dry skin. I also am now only putting on moisturizer in the morning, then it still dries out and when i get home like at 4pm, i wash my face and apply more moisturizer. I cant just stop using BP for some days because if i dont use BP, my face starts getting a lot more pimples, so i need to atleast use it like once a day.

The only other weird thing that has been happening is that now when i put on the BP, let it fully dry, then put on moisturizer, it becomes white like if it blends with the BP, and stays white in kinda spots.

I am using Olay Sensitive Skin Foaming face wash and Olay sensitive moisture therapy lotion, just fyi.


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Has the weather changed at all where you live?

Are you applying BP once or twice per day?

Are you using Dan's BP or another brand?

Why are you only moisturizing in the morning? (I probably reapply moisturizer at least twice outside of my morning and night applications of the regimen).

Does your skin feel dry and tight after using your cleanser? I find foaming cleansers to have that effect.

As for the whiteness, maybe you had a clump in your moisturizer that didn't quite absorb all the way. Perhaps try to gently massage it in a little more before letting it dry.

Advice: More moisturizer more often. Seriously. If you're having trouble with the Olay stuff going white on you, I'd recommend the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture. It's worked wonders for me, and it doesn't ball up or remain white with the On-The-Spot BP. I'm not sure how it will react with Dan's though, if that's what you're using. I live in Ohio and it's very dry here right now. I bring the bottle with me everywhere I go. Lotion is your friend.

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