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Please Help With My Pimples And Marks :)

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Hi Everyone.

New here and would love some help please :) I have had acne/pimples since 14, now 22 and recently decided to see my family physician. He prescribed Doxycycline antiobiotic and Differin topical treatment cream. So far the antibiotic seems to have improved things.. not sure if differin has helped.

I started them one month ago. Things are much better now. But it has been very humid here lately in the past one week and some pimples have come up - maybe it is because I am not washing my face thoroughly. I am not sure. I also use clearasil face wash.

Does anyone have any idea how I could improve these old marks on my face further? They have been there for anyone between 1 month to 6 months. I do not know what to use.. Cocoa butter? Shea butter?

Thank you very much for your help





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First thing, do you touch your face and/or try to get rid of the pimples manually?

If you do, try not to! I know it's hard to resist from touching your face and/or trying to get rid of the pimples yourself, but if you do this the bacteria will spread around more.

When you wash your face, make sure your hands are clean! Clean your hands with antibacterial soap, then proceed.

Next, try to change your diet to see if you see improvements. One thing I suggest removing is sugary, greasy, and dairy foods. So, try for around two weeks to see if you see improvement. Eat healthy foods as much as you can and take vitamin supplements.

Also, try washing your sheets and pillow cases more than usual, everytime you wake up oils are trapped on them, so it's likely for bacteria to spread. I recommend maybe twice a week.

I have mild acne, but it has been improving ever since I changed my diet and kept myself clean from bacteria.

What may work for me, may not work for you! But it doesn't hurt to try! ;)

Good luck!

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You could possibly hasten it with 10% glycolic acid, but you should patch test first and be careful using it, and ask your physician first. You must absolutely wear sunscreen (SPF 30+) during this time!

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I would not recommend adding glycolic acid, as the differin will be making your skin very sensitive and this could potentially irritate it further. Specifically which clearasil facewash are you using? Most anti-acne face washes are too harsh to use at the same time as differin, so I would try to find a gentle cleanser. Here's a list of some highly recommended cleansers. Are you moisturizing after applying differin? And are you using a sunscreen?

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