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Microdermabrasion? You're Thoughs, Experience

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Hey so I been doing a little bit of research on microdermabrasion. I wanted to know more info with anyone on here that has either done the procedure, any tips and stuff like that.

-does it hurt?

-How much should it cost since I been reading on sites that the prodecure can range from 150-200 dollars?

-was thinking of going to the closest place where they do it! which is a high class spa

I have scars, ice pick scars and some red marks too. I'm taking upclose pictures and uploading them on Saturday, but in the meantime any help would be great apperciated thanks!

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i have had it done a few times and it doesnt really do very much. your best bet is to get microdermabrasian done with a light chemical peel. that will help you more and they can do them every month or so. microderm doesnt hurt at all and shouldnt cost you more than $100 at the most I think when I got it done with the peel I paid like $150.

i would probably just save my cash and get a medium strength TCA peel that might help you out more but even then I dont think you will get the results you want. you would need to do a series of them. call and make an appointment and see what they recommend. if they are a reputable place they will tell you if they can help you instead of trying to sell you treatments that you wont need.

good luck to you!

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I agree with the previous post. I have had microdermabrasion done 3 times and it doesn't hurt at all but I didn't really notice any improvement in my scars (no matter how closely I looked). The spa told me that it would make a difference but the microdermabrasion really doesn't go deep enough to have any effect on scars especially ice pick scars. I was going to try a peel next as they can penetrate a bit deeper. I think that I will get it done at the dermatologist however as the spas seem to tell you that every treatment will work!

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Just to illustrate...

1000 microns is equal to 1 mm of skin

Deep scars exist at a depth of 800 microns to 1000 microns into the skin

Microdermabrasion removes at most 5, yes 5 microns of skin.

That's 1/200 of 1 mm.

Hence, microdermabrasions are completely worthless. Not somewhat helpful. Completely worthless.

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I had two types of microdermabrasion done professionally. One was called green peel and the other one was called Botobio or Aladin peel. Costed $300 dollars for each session b/c I went to a Korean aesthetician. It did even out the skin texture quite a bit for a few days, but after the peeling is complete (snake skin all gone) your skin reverts back to original state. I've had numerous treatments after microderm, so I am not sure how long the result last, but it barely helps with scarring, even if they are just rolling scars. unless only thing you are concerned with is texture and give it a try, I wouldn't recommend it.

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Thanks everyone for the replies, so far I received bad experience comment with microdermabrasion so I will save my money and continue on my search on finding ways to reduce the appereance of my scars.

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