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My subcision appointment occurred on 8/13/04 at the office of Dr. Moi at the UCLA Medical Center. I was told results are gradual over a period of 3-6 months. The surgery was not done by Dr. Moi himself, rather by his associate Doctor. As of today, 10/25/04, I feel that there has been overall improvement, but a couple areas on the right side of my face actually got worse. In one area the needle from the subcision is particularly prominent and my original scar line has deepened.

The left side of my face has become more even, suggesting that some collagen has filled in. This is not surprising since I heard the most snapping of the scar bands during the procedure on the left side. After the swelling subsided, the rounded scar on my left temple resumed its original position.

Also, a couple of new semi-ice pick scars are visible on my right side at the points of insertion of the subcision needle.

Was it worth the $500? I suppose with overall improvement it was kind of worth it despite some new and deeper scars. My primary concern was the right side of my face where the scars made my face look very uneven like a canyon, but it now looks smoother overall, particularly from certain angles of lighting.

Future action plan? I'm looking at the available fillers (radiance or artecoll?) and I would like to maybe do some type of light sanding of my face (microdermabrasion?) to even out the small scars.

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Thanks for the update. What type of needle did he use? What was your downtime like? Also, what type of scars did you have?

I'm getting subcision done in a couple of days...


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