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Diet And Acne

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okay so after learning about the importance of good nutrition, i figured i might as well try out a diet for my skin. I have noticed that when i eat things like taco bell or other crap food i break out, so recently (past two weeks) this has been my diet:

3/4ths gallon of water a day


zing 50 mg

avoiding completley or only eating a little dairy

green tea

sounds great right? wrong. i have noticed that my skin has actually gotten worse? why would that be? apparently im damned if i do and damned if i dont. since i started the diet, i have gotten multiple cysts (which i usually only have 1 or two). why is my skin punishing me for eating healthy? has anyone had this same experience?

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no, i just did the diet changes...did you just start the zinc? I know it is supposed to help, but zinc breaks me out....maybe it's a purge but I don't stay with it

so, is the WHOLE routine new or just the diet changes?

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isnt green tea good for you? i drink green tea everyday but dont know much bout it....any advice would b great

Green tea can affect hormones which for some people can cause acne.

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Okay just avoiding dairy may not help, you'll need real nutrition from food. Carrots are excellent for Vitamin A, Greens for Vitamin K, Strawberrys and Oranges for Vitamin C, Get your Vitamin D from Fish oil or naturally (the sun). Try cutting out all sugars, I know you said you've been drinking lots of water, make sure it's purified. Some healthy choices for breakfast would be Cereal (Whole Grains) no colored cereals, maybe frosted mini-wheats or honey nut cheerios. Deepfried/Fastfood as you said is toxic for you. You may just need some diet changes. There's lots of organic produce in the supermarket these days, just gotta look through the ads or call them up and see. You might wanna pick up some Vitamin E suppliments, which might help. Sweating can remove toxins from your body if you live in an area that's hot like I do, ie arizona. Just shower quickly after sweating, I like to work out in the sun to help bust a sweat. Goodluck.

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Sometimes your skin will get worse before it gets better. I notice great results when eliminating dairy and gluten. But it can take up to a month to see an improvement as your body is cleansing and eliminating toxins. Hang in there!


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I agree that your skin might get worse before it gets better. Many times people think that something is not working when in reality it is... you just need to give it a bit more time.

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