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Very often I hear from people who said the reason they decided to try The Regimen is because they went through the success stories.

Another thing people ask me a lot is how they can help spread the word. Probably the best thing you can do to spread the word about The Regimen is to post your own success once you are cleared up. A video is best, but a before and after, or even just an after picture, is also awesome. A simple written success story is great too.

Please take a moment to post your success once you're clear!

If you're just starting on The Regimen, feel free to start a video blog so people can follow along as you clear up. Alternately, take a before picture of your skin now and an after picture once you're clear.


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So let me start on how i have spent sooooooo much money on products that just made my face worst. However at 16 i started to breakout and my dad bought me proactiv which kept my skin clearer then a babys ass throughout highschool(thank god). However as soon as i started college pimple after pimple. and i found out from my dermatoligist that the proactiv was killing my skin. So i chilled and was prescribed medication WHICH WAS HORRIBLE!!!! From accutine,taz,etc. So i paniced and tried many other cvs products>>>FAILURE from lotions to cleansers to even EXPOSED SKIN kit !!! all these products did was dry my skin out which caused it to be more oily and breakout more.

Oh btw im 23 now play basketball and workout a lot. just to add that in

so I had it so i decided to not putting nothing on my face but water which helped a lot . my face became much clearer. But this too didnt work, my skin would get oily and i would get 3-6 big pimples in the most ugliest places you can get on your face(between eyebrows in eyebrows, temple and a few on the forehead). i would always look like i was sweating when it was oil. At times my face would look so bad i would have to stay home and hide for weeks. WHICH REALLY SUCKED BECAUSE i was always known for being a handsome. MY CONFIDENCE was at all time low :(

so now i was desperate to having my old skin back, so i decided to talk to someone from the old days and see how theyre face routine worked out. Cousin i love you so much. He told me all he uses is mud soap. MUD SOAP??? WTF, thats exactly what i said. lol but as desperate i was and how is face looked. i said fuck it, what do i have to lose. It happens when i did research on mud soap its fantastic for your skin. Originated in israel, all the dead sea minerals>(look it up)

however its been 2 days and my face is healing and looking good. MY face is no longer oily and my lightskin complexion is coming back.

as well as my backacne is 85 clearer. THIS SHIT IS MAGIC!!!!

hopefully i dont jinx myself but im seeing great results so far.


Take that black ugly looking soap

washcloth warm water

moiste face

lightscrub for 20-30 seconds

wash off (make sure you get it all off)

splash with cold water 3-5 splashes

pat dry

with this soap u dont need moisturizer ( but a sunscreen wont hurt esp in the summer)




so youtube mud soap ( i use ADOVIA MUD SOAP 11.00 A BIT PRICEY BUT WORTH IT)

OH P>S DRINK LOTS OF WATER. i perfer to put a lemon in mine=}

good luck

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I have used the regiment for 2 1/2 month and it totally worked! I thought this was kind of a hokey product when I viewed it but it has worked wonders on my skin. I use it once a night and that's it. I tend to have dry skin. I suffered with back/neck acne for like 10 years. I'm now 24. My confidence has improved incredibly since using it. My skin flaked for the first 2 months but now it's so smooth. And missing a day or so of not applying the bp didn't cause me any new pimples or cysts. Make sure to use a sun screen if going in the sun. I use a Neutrogena oil free none clogging sunscreen aerosol spray. It worked wonders smells good and keeps you from looking wrinkle free. Don't give up guys this stuff works. And, seems very safe. I did a tun of research before purchasing and using it. Don't just look at my post make sure to look at others before making a decision.

With Confidence and Courage,

Adam K.

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Hi Dan!

My story is 2 years delayed, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dan and this team for starting this fantastic product and awesome community. Like others have posted, my story is similar in that I have had acne forever since I was 10 years old (from what I have researched, if you start having acne at a young age, it is a sign you will develop more acne later), and it got really, really bad when I was in high-school. I remember getting comments where people said that I "looked like a burn victim" and people would not be able to stare at my face because of the severity. (I don't blame them, I honestly sometimes couldn't look at my own face because it was so severe). As a 15 year old girl where looks seemed to be everything, I became extremely depressed, (I'm not proud to admit, but I had a lot of suicidal thoughts at that age). I am now 22 years old.

I was introduced to acne.org BP at 18. I was skeptical at first because of my disappointment in expensive products that were very good at branding promised results of clear skin, but truth this, those products are most likely designed for those who breakout occasionally, whereas Dan's regimen works for people like me who have to seriously control their acne 24/7. I consider BP my miracle product because it saved me and showed me what confidence feels like. I refuse to use anything from expensive department store brands because the skincare industry seems to always try and make new trends, marketing campaigns, whatever sells, when in reality, less is always more. So what I use now is:

Cetaphil cleanser

Dan's BP

Dan's AHA (at night)

Jojoba oil

Aloe vera gel

and a good diet + runs in the morning outside

What I've learned from my battle with acne is that you have to be patient, don't lose hope, and take the time to treat and pamper yourself, and know that you deserve it. If you don't love yourself, noone else will! Be happy and happy so that you can live your life.

Thanks for keeping it real, Dan. Don't change :)

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I admit I don't follow The Regimen exactly.

I use a mix of jojoba oil and tea tree oil to cleanse. In the morning, I apply BP just like Dan says to- lots of it!

At night I cleanse and use the AHA. Yes, I use it every night, all alone.

This manages my acne so completely that I've stopped wearing concealer some days. I only need it to cover up old red scars and the occasional reddish clogged pore.

Dan's products are high quality and I give them the credit for keeping my skin clear, helping it keep bacteria at bay, and clearing out dead skin cells from my pores.

While I may not do the exact Regimen, I am very happy with the products I'm using from Dan and that I was able to adapt them to my skin's needs.

Thank you, Dan!

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Cleared up 85-90% of acne in first week. My face hasn't looked this good in months , THANK you and praise the Lord for your products it's the only thing I've ever used that's helped diminish blackheads for good. Better than any trip to the dermatologist and saved me hundreds of dollars of wasting my time on temporary fix micodermabrasions. I finally have my confidence back, don't worry about my skin and have been going out with 0 make up. My acne was light, but it seemed nothing would clear my blackheads/ little bumps, I wasted so much time and money on other products and wholisitlic solutions to only be disappointed over and over again. My dad even complimented me on my skin a couple days ago saying it looked beautiful and amazing he is shocked that all the bumps are gone!!! Miracle product!! I will be a loyal user of the regimen and can't wait to see what it will do for me in the next coming weeks!! Once again THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! This picture is from only one week in and in fluorescent lights!!! Amazing!!!


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Plain water is what 100% cleared me of ALL my skin problems.

i had eczema, SD, acne, and flare ups of rosacea. My skin was horrible. HORRIBLE.

I tried basically every product in the market, every remedy, everything. and guess what? they never worked. or they just made my skin 10x worse

I was talking with a few friends and the topic of skincare came up, and i realized how all my friends had perfect clear skin. I asked them what they use, and they said "water".

2 months later, i was hopeless and i decided to do the water-only method because even if it didn't work, i'd still be able to say "i tried"

after a few weeks, my skin got progressively worse , and i had eczema developing all over my face due to the lack of exfoliation and dead skin build up.

Then i decided to exfoliate every night (using my finger tips only to loosen dead skin) and water

THE DIFFERENCE~!!!!! my skin was sooo soft, and supple. My face had a glow to it like never before!!

So yeah, It's been around 4 years now without touching a single product. My skin is AMAZING. :D

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The regimen literally changed my life. I was on proactive for a bit which cleared my skin up slightly, however, was still experiencing really bad breakouts which always left me with deep scars. I ended changing my regimen and then just became lazy and experienced the worst acne break out of my life. I didn't even want to leave the house or go to work. Every day was literally torture and I was forced to put pounds of make up on my face to cover it. I was the most insecure I had ever been. Then the acne gods guided me to Dans website where I proceeded to do my research and look at acne org regimen success youtube videos. I was extremely close to getting on accutane but decided to try this before making that big decision as for many of you know, acutane is an intense drug that is usually used as a last resort. 

ANYWAY, a little bit of background about my skin. I am very oily, red, and have large pores. The regimen did calm the oiliness down a bit and made me extremely dry in certain areas. I would always have extreme dryness around my mouth and just have flakes, which is even worse when your putting make up on. Don't let the dryness discourage you!!! It will so be worth it in the long run, trust me!!! Incorporating jojoba oil and the glycolic lotion definitely helped tremendously. A month into the regimen I was still having bad breakouts, however, just decided to stop caring so much and just trusted the regimen. This is SOOOO important. The first month isn't fun, you WILL break out, you WILL be dry, and you'll want to stop. BUT push through.  After the first month I began to see clearer skin. After two months, I COMPLETELY stopped breaking out and have not had a break out since. My scars are slowly subsiding and my skin has never looked better. Be patient and consistent with the regimen and trust it, clear skin will follow :) 

Also!! I've read a lot people discussing how they don't like the moisturizer, and I'd have to agree. During the first few weeks I used the acne org moisturizer, however, I thought it was really greasy and sticky and not something I wanted to put on my skin. I also read that depending on your skin type, it could be what keeps breaking you out. So after about a month I switched to the first aid beauty ultra repair cream that you can get at sephora! I live for this moisturizer, its so moisturizing yet lightweight!! You can just tell its not clogging your pores! I definitely remember the breakouts subsiding after I switched over, and it is also extremely good for the flakes (people with eczema use it). Anyway, don't know if the moisturizer has anything to do with it, correlation does not prove causation. It just shows that you can be flexible so try to find what works for you. Everyone has different skin types so just experiment! 

I remember 4 months ago, I was sitting on this site, insecure and extremely self conscious and unhappy about my skin, reading reviews about the acne org regimen, not knowing whether I should order it because I was just over trying products that didn't work. It ended up being one of the greatest decisions of my life, and I wish I found Dans regimen way sooner. Thank you, Dan!! :)  If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!! 

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I think it's about time I share my success story seeing as I have been a member of this site since 2006. Which means I have been battling acne for about 10 years now.

First of all, YES the regime works. It's a little hard to remember now but I think it took 2-3 months to really CLEAR UP most of my acne. Before using the regime, my acne was rather severe. I would say about a 7 on a scale of 1-10. As you probably know it can be VERY debilitating and depressing. I had tried many over the counter remedies before i discovered acne.org. Most of them hardly worked at all and i only had noticeable results with Benzonyl Peroxide.Today I have one small pimple on my face, because i got a bit lazy this week and was not as consistent with following the regime. Which brings me to the most important thing, CONSISTENCY.

Use a GENEROUS portion of Benzonyl Peroxide, Use it TWICE a day, and always CLEANSE your face with a light soap beforehand. Sometimes i get busy, or lazy, or simply forget to follow the steps. When this happens i usually notice some acne forming within a few days.  I get better results when I use B.P. on my entire face, not just the parts of my face where the acne is common. For me, I only purchase the Peroxide from Acne.org. I use other over the counter soaps as a cleanser which works fine for me. I also don't find the lotion to be absolutely necessary. It tends to make my skin look and feel healthier but it can be a tedious extra step. 90% of my acne is gone just using BP and washing my face with light cleanser twice a day. That being said, i would encourage you all to start with the full regime until you get a good idea of how your skin reacts.

It will take  a few months to a year to figure out EXACTLY what works for you. Just remember to have DISCIPLINE and Follow the steps EVERY DAY. If you get lazy with the routine, the acne will come back FAST.

I really hope this helps some of you to make the decision to try the regime. It's a tiny cost for something that will change your life.

Thanks a million for DAN the MAN, creating this site and helping so many people, you are an awesome person.

-Mark H.

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its been a whole year since i used this product, All i can say is it does takes a while for it to show its results. But the results is remarkable. Ive had back acne issue almost all my life ever since puberty and this is the first time that ive had few days or weeks without any acne on my back. I still use the product sparingly, or when one or 2 acne popping up. i went for a 2 weeks holiday without having to use the product and came back without acne. after a week, 1 or 2 start popping up and immedeatly applied, only once daily and see immediate results. all i can say is you need to stick with the regimen long enough until you see results, and when you have very less to no acne, u can start slowly reduce the application to once daily, instead of twice, then maybe once every other day and so on. 

just to sum up, Ive had all the problems that being told in other topics. Ive had redness, flaky skin, dry skin, bad rash all over, and most of them time when this happens, i lay off the glycolic acid only but not completely, just reduce the amount, but continue with the BP and the wash. you really need to endure this phase though, until no new acne coming out, then u can totally stop using the glycolic acid. but if u want clearer skin, the acid is the answer. I still use the acid from time to time though. like how my skin feels after. it does makes my skin look tan, like getting sunburn since i do have fair skin. i have some acne on my face, very light and those are long gone after a month or so using this. the more severe acne on my back took a long time indeed, i almost give up mid way, coz it takes a lot of time to apply them the my whole back. but i perserve through it, since nothing else have given me any results before, and this regiment has showed promising results early on.

I guess mines takes longer to show results because my case were very severe, i got all kind of acne, some on the surface, some very deep and big, nodule like. Ive had them for 18 years already. My skin does get itchy and very red on the sides of my body where the skin is thin compared to my back, but once i stop the acid, it goes back normal after a few days. 

I hope anyone who didnt get any results after using this for a few days or few  month, keep trying if your acne are the same with me, severe acne on the back. i did have light acne on the face and they are gone rather quickly, thus i believed that the same can happen to my back, albeit longer. 

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 HELLO Beautiful people. I recently uploaded a video about my 5 month experience using the 3 step regimen from Acne.org. (Attached is a link to that video) I discussed in great details my thoughts on the products, the side effects I endured, and much more. PLEASE check out my video.

Stay Postive, Stay Determined, Stay Beautiful
"It's Not your skin, what matters is what's within" 
                   -Chaz Marie 
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Hello Beautiful People, today marks the day for a new upload on my Youtube channel. Please check on my face washing routine using Acne.org products. I have been using the regimen for 8 months, and I have achieved GREAT results. Feel free to Like, Share, and comment on the video.  -Chaz Marie 

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My skin type:
-not sensitive at all
-I normally get acne on my forehead and nose, whereas my cheeks are very smooth and almost never get acne

Hey guys, this story is for those of you who have mild to moderate acne. My acne started when I was in middle school around 6th grade. Like most people, I didn't handle it well at the start. I would sometimes cover it up with band-aids to hide it because of how embarrassing I thought it was. My older brother in high school had acne worse than me but it didn't bother him much and he didn't do much to get rid of it (which is not a bad thing if you're comfortable in YOUR OWN SKIN.) When 9th grade started my mother let me start seeing a dermatologist. I'm not going to mention the name of this doctor but he made my brother and me's acne much worse and the overall business done at his facility was very shady and expensive. About a year went by and somehow my older brother's acne just cleared up. I was at the end of my 8th-grade year and my acne was the same. I was jealous of my little brother who had just finished his 6th-grade year with clear skin and no acne what's so ever. This kid barely/never washed his face and never had a single pimple. It made me furious. 

I was so frustrated with my skin. I had many friends at school but seeing there clear skin made me upset. Being at a private school I had known most of them since pre-k and never seen lots them with any acne ever. At school, I would sometimes ask them what they did to keep acne away. I was surprised when most told me that they had been on Accutane in 7th-8th grade and never had problems with it again. I asked my mom if I could go on Accutane and she told me no because it was dangerous and my acne wasn't bad enough for it. Finally at the start of my 9th-grade year, my first year in high school my parents finally decided they needed to find me a good dermatologist. I started with a new dermatologist who friendly and seemed to know what she was doing and was enthusiastic about the work she did. She started me on Atralin. There were little result *(I would like to point out that what's great about my doctor is she gives you a butt-load of samples for the first 4 months you're on medication to see if it works for you before you buy an expensive product.)* Atralin didn't work. The next time I went which was 6 months later she prescribed me Tazorac. Initially, I hated Tazorac all it did was make my skin dry and itchy I was on it only for a few weeks before I made another appointment with my dermatologist. She told me that I need to keep using every night after washing my face for a few months before I saw positive results. While there she also noticed my dark acne marks and prescribed me SkinMedica Lytera. For about two months I dreaded going to school. There were always people asking me why my skin was peeling and if I was on Accutane.

Finally, I started to see big improvements with my skin. Even my dermatologist was impressed with the way my skin looked. I went about a year and a half with totally clear skin (absolutely no acne.) During this time I totally stopped using my medicines. During April of 2017 when I was finishing my sophomore year of high-school. Finals were coming and I put so much stress on myself making sure I was going to good on my exams. I started to break out again, although it was nowhere as near as bad as it was a while ago. As soon as school got out I made an appointment with my dermatologist. She told me to keep using Tazorac and Lytera but told me to start using Aczone in the morning.


In the Morning:
1st- Lotion/Moisturizer
2nd- Aczone 
3rd- Lytera

At Night:
1st: Wash face with a clean washcloth with Cetaphil soap. 
2nd: Lotion/Moisturizer
3rd: Tazorac (not a lot just enough to cover your whole face or it will BURN)

NOTES: For my best results I found that washing your face in the shower while it's steamy works best for cleansing because your pores are open. I then wash my face off with cold water to close those pores to keep dirt from entering my skin. MAJOR KEY!!! Also, most of you may know this some not, but when on any skin medication ALWAYS wear sunscreen. I'm black and never have had to wear sunscreen to the pool but the first time I went to pool while on my medication I felt like I was going to die. It felt like there were a million fire ants biting my skin. Sunscreen also a major key.

Right now my skin is on its road to recovery for the second consecutive time, so I may or may not post pictures right now but definitely will once I get my finished result. 

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Hello love bugs! This mask will change your life. Today I will be showing you all how I cleared up my acne naturally. In addition, sharing the ingredients to my all natural facial mask, so you can have the opportunity to have clear skin as well. I struggled with acne for nearly 10 years I tried over the counter products, as well as prescribed medications, but none gave me results like this mask. I dedicate a lot of research to developing this mask, and each ingredient fights acne or scarring. Although I made a few other life changes,  I know the mask is an aid in clearing my skin because when I become lazy with my skin regimen I breakout.

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Hi all. I just can't thank you enough Dan and the others that helped in the creation of this product. I have had acne since I was 14. I am now 31. More than half my life was trying to find different washes, creams, gels, and medicines to work. I always popped And picked at my face, just wishing them all to go away.  I did accutane in HS and that worked very well. But it always came back. As I got older and older, it just wouldn't go away. I became a teacher at 25 and still suffered from acne. It was embarrassing at times. 

Over the the past two years I have purchased everything I could find on amazon for acne. Tons of herbal crap, organic stuff, and the regular name brand stuff. None of it worked. 

I started the acne.org regimen on May 15th. It's now September 15th and my face looks amazing. It's so clear. I have gotten only 2-3 pimples since. My face was very dry and flaky at first but gradually got better. Now, my skin seems so balanced. It used to be sooo oily and greasy all the time. I would wash it so much. I have learned so much about my past mistakes seeing how this balances my skin. 

I gave birth to my first child in March. He now reaches and grabs for my face. I'm so relieved to have found this. This may seem weird, but I feel comfortable with him touching my face, whereas I don't think I would have been before. 

Thank you again gain so much. You don't know what you have done. 

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I started Accutane almost a week ago and I have been documenting my journey everyday!
Don't let the terrible pain your in get in the way of you seeking treatment.
I used to hide inside and never want to leave the house because of how painful and embarrassing my skin was!
Now I've taken action in the battle against my acne and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Of course, Accutane was my LAST resort and I do not recommend  any one with one pimple to go running to their dermatologist ready to start.
Do your research, talk with your doctors, and if you find Accutane to be suitable for you know their is a huge online support system!
If you'd like to witness my journey watch me on YouTube!  
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Apparently I can't open a thread, well too bad so I am posting my success story here. 

Quick resume. I am a 30 years old guy. I have suffered from severe acne on my back since I was 17. At 23 I decided to take Roaccutane, it gace me severe sides (so much that I stopped after four month), but it somewhat stopped the acne vulgaris dead on its track. It was all fine and dandy, except I would still get some cist developping now and then, and through the years it would get slightly and increasingly worse. At 29, depressing and scary times for me, seems like my back acne was definitely coming back. I would get two or three enormous cists a week and those would leave some nasty scars (keloids). 

I will eventually add some pics here if some of you are interested as an evidence of my skin misery. 


Anyway, my old story is not important, what's important is what happened when I changed my diet, I never really believe in the power of diet, but I always made the effort to eat good, I ate better than most for sure, I was mostly vegetarian and barely eating any processed food. But my health kept going worse, not just acne (actually acne considering my other health issues is even annectodal). In my desperation I started reading about the carnivore diet, it's now trending so you might have heard about it. I always knew sugar and me was a terrible relation, I managed to completely cure a severe Sebhoreic Dermatitis by cutting my sugar intake while doctors were unable to help with that condition.

A carnivore diet is pretty much a zero carb thus sugar diet, and after researching I said heck why not, I never was an ethical vegetarian anyway, I was just doing it for health and it didn't really workout. 

So I have a been a quasi carnivore for the last six months, I am not gonna elaborate on all the health issues I managed to resolve, but as a side I realized the other day, I have not developped any acne in the last five months, zero, nada, nothing. 

I dunno why this diet worked so well, and I don't care. I know a lot of people are suffering from acne, especially adults which often are hit with back acne so I have come here to share my findings, maybe it will help some of you.

What I am eating generally in order of importance : eggs, a lot of beef liver (at least twice, sometimes thrice a week as my main meal), fish (salmon, sardines), then poultry and muscle meat. 

I do still eat carbs here and then, as in fruits mostly (just not everyday), or when I socialize one or twice a week I will eat some bad food (desserts and the sort). But 90% of what I eat is animal food.

I am planning to introduce raw milk soon as I found a good source to buy it from.

And that's that, I have nothing to add, I don't know the mechanisms behind this, there are no studies on a healthy animal food diet, as the vegan propaganda is pretty much everywhere now. I am planning to work on this.


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