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Severe Acne After Menstrual Cycle

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Hi, I just want to tell me story and see if anyone can relate to it.

Almost a year ago, I got my period and acne broke out on my forehead. It wasn't like one or two zits that I used to get here and there, but severe tiny red spots all over the place. It was something I dealt with but kind of ignore because I felt like it wasn't that severe anyway. For a couple months, it calmed down and broke out again during my period. After a while my left cheek started having acne like my forehead, and it remained on my forehead and my left cheek for a couple months and finally it went to my right cheek. Things keep getting worse and woes and it keeps flaring up. I have tried all types of face cleansers and acne cream and nothing works. I have not seen a dermatologist although I do intend to. Is there any advice to calm my acne before I do? I try not to panic but I keep thinking about this. I really miss my old skin and I have no clue how i can get here. I am 16 years old and the acne started when I was 15. Thank you.



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Keep in mind that a lot of medicated cleansers won't work as well as leave-on lotions, since cleansers are washed off.

OTC topicals won't really help at this point. 2.5% to 5% BP could take down the inflammatory pimples somewhat, but I really doubt you'd want to deal with the dryness and minimal results right now.

Visiting a dermatologist is the best thing you can do. He or she will likely prescribe you birth control pills and a retinoid cream, but it depends what your insurance covers.

Some contributors here may tell you to take some herbal remedies like vitex. I wouldn't do it because you really don't know what's the supplements. Herbal preparations tend to be contaminated with lead and mercury, and there tends to be a lot less of the "active ingredient" than what the label shows. (Check out ConsumerLab). This depends where you get them, of course. Lots of oral "active ingredients" aren't bioavailable and the pills aren't made to be that way--they'd classify as drugs, then. This isn't to say that I doubt the motivations of the community--the supplement industry problem and how the laws work isn't well-known.

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