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Hey, ever since I was 14-15 I've had bad acne.. but when I turned 16-17 I started getting cysts, now I'm 19 and my face is filled with tiny pimples (due to taking prednisone) and cysts and redness everywhere, finding a spot that ISNT red on my face is rare... My face is itchy, I think I may be allergic to some foods but my doctor is telling me that prednisone gets rid of allergies.. I've looked at the galleries on this site, and I laughed because what I have is a thousand times worse, thank goodness I have a sense of humour and a good personality, otherwise no one would speak to me lol.

But whats weird is, within those years my acne has randomly completly disapeared and returned..

When I went to the middle east on vacation, my acne disapeared.. it was completly gone.. another time is when I got sick and went to the hospital for a week, my acne disapeared..

I think it may have to do with foods, and I know whenever I eat chocolate my acne does get worse.. I've played around it many times..

as well I think sex may also cause acne (because of hormonal changes maybe?)

Anyways, I drink a lot of water because I know it helps.. and I'm going to start the regime now, (i had benzoyl peroxide all in one cleaner and it helped me a lot but when I finished the bottle my acne came back, at the time I thought it was just because I was washing more.. apparently it IS the BP!)

I'm in Canada, so can I find BP gel brand here? and what about the moisturizers advertised on this site?

Is all I need soap, bp gel, and moisterizer? or am I missing anything else?



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Im not sure about those products in canada, but can stress be an issue?? If you were on holiday - no acne - no stress. If you were in hospital - no acne - no stress. I find stress causes mine, if i have a real bast-u-ard of a homework to do, i.e. physics and i cant do it, i look in the morror and i have 4-5 new spots forming. HOW ANOYING, argh. So i chill out all the time now, its working, honest!!

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