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Organic Fast Food Near You???

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This is something that I assume exists in places like New York or L.A., but what about elsewhere? I'm not so fortunate where I live =( but do you guys have any local specialty or organic/natural fast food/resturants that you can eat out at?

Here's something that was posted on ClearSkin.net:


This place seems cool, but I was expecting more vegetable dishes. Here's a price list: http://www.onaturals.com/catering.pdf

Oh and here's a couple that wrote a travel book containing Restuarants, Grocery, Co-Ops, and Markets for natural/organic foods. http://www.healthyhighways.com/

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I just looked at the healthy highways site. That yochee maker looks interesting lol. I might make one myself and see how it tastes. I like that it seperates the whey from the yogurt. Any thoughts on this SJ?

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No unfortunately sad.gif Ever since I moved from the mecca of health food (Santa Fe...L.A. before that) I have been seriously deprived. That place looks really good on the site.

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Organic doesn't necessarily mean healthy. I have a Chipotle near me, but I'm on a no dairy, no iodine, low glycemic diet, so I can't eat there as often as I would like to

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As for Specialty Resturants, these places offer Gluten Free Menus

Cafe Flora - Seattle, WA http://www.cafeflora.com/index.htm (Vegetarians, some GF items)

Cafe Baldo - Wanton, NY (Pizzas, pastas, breads)

Candle 79 - New York, NY http://candlecafe.com/ (GF, Vegan, Vegetarian menus)

Celiac Specailties Bakery & Coffee House http://www.celiacspecialties.com/

Corbett Fish House - Portland, OR http://www.corbettfishhouse.com/ (gluten free & trans fat free menu)

The Elephant Walk - Boston & Cambridge, Massachusetts http://www.elephantwalk.com/

Elizabeth's - Rocky Hill, CT http://www.culinarymenus.com/elizabeths.htm (customized GF, pasta, bread, etc)

Frascoti Restuarant - Stamford, CT http://www.frascatiofstamford.com/ (Gluten Free Menu - pastas, soups, etc)

Gedney Grill - White Plains, NY http://www.gedneygrille.com/ (will customize menu)

Janice - A Bistro -- Ho Ho Kus, NJ (Gluten Free items/menu)

Kaili's Kitchen - Edmond's Washington

http://wheatlessinseattle.com/ (100% GF)

Owen Murphy Inn - Goshen, NY http://www.owenmurphyinn.com/glutenfree.htm

Risotteria - New York, NY http://www.risotteria.com/ (pizzas, beers, vegetarian, etc)

Stickey Fingers - Providence, RI (burgers, steaks, fries, etc)

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