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Tyler R

How I Significantly Decrease Pimple Size And Redness

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I have discovered (for me) an overnight pimple zapper. It has not failed me yet. I don't get that much acne anymore, my problem is rosacea, but I still do get the occasional underground pimple or big red lump. What I have found to help is a combination of RAW honey and cinnamon powder:

What I do is...

-Put some honey between my pointer finger and thumb and mix it around. Make sure it is RAW, UNREFINED honey. You can use Manuka or unprocessed honey too. I got my RAW honey from a health food store. Vitamin Shoppe/GNC has it too.

-Next take cinnamon. You can use cinnamon powder or cinnamon from a pill. Pour it little by little into the honey and keep mixing it around with your fingers. Do it over the sink because you are going to lose some cinnamon. Swirl it around while adding cinnamon until it is a dark, heavy paste.

-Take a qtip or your finger and dab the honey/cinnamon onto your pimple generously. Cover the whole pimple.

-Take a small piece of toilet paper (SMALL) and slightly push it onto the pimple so it sticks and smushes the honey/cinnamon a little. Kind of like you would to a cut from shaving. The honey runs without the paper cover and becomes messy. You might wake up the next morning with smeared honey on your face and pillow but it's no biggie.

Leave it on all day or overnight. The next morning it should be significantly reduced and less red. If it isn't on its way then it should be by the second morning. This also helps because it keeps you from running to the mirror every 20 minutes and wondering if your pimple got bigger because you can't see it. Also RAW honey masks are beneficial to the whole face.

This helps me and it should help you. Remember RAW honey. I'm not sure how this will work for full-blown acne breakouts but I would assume it to help.

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