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Is There Anything I Can Do About Body Scarring?

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Acne has made me really incredibly depressed. Like to the point where I can't take my shirt off anymore without looking at acne and all the scarring and marks I've gotten from it without getting worked up. My dermatologist told me there was really nothing she could do about scarring. She said that none of the treatments are really effective. I want to know if this is true or not. I seriously just hate the way I look and want some sort of hope that there's a possibility something can help me. I have raised acne scars on my back in addition to tons and tons of red marks. I've recently had acne on my arms and it's left some scarring and red marks too.

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yes pictures would help

if they are raised and keloid type then go for a series of monthly injections with kenalog till they flatten

if it's general depressions and uneven skin then I would definitely get some professional to do monthly sessions iwth a derma roller....it works it really does, I would say do it yourself but the back is hard to roll....check out the owndoc.com forum for more information, but I disagree with your derm, body scarring can be improved

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i have body scarring too, sucks eh? but i have recently started treating it. first doc i went to said there was nothing they could do so i decided to see another doc who recommended chemical peels to help with the texture and redness and silicone spray and sheets to reduce the scar tissue. i've been at it for 2 months and i've started to see a slight improvement, probably not enough to take my shirt off yet but MUCH better than it was! i'm pretty stoked on that!

my scarring is a combination of red marks and hypertrophic scarring with some slight keloidic scarring too on my upper back and upper arms. i had some injections on the keloids which helped flatten them.

biggest thing is get multiple opinions from doctors, the one who said there is nothing they could do just may not have the tools or expertise to do anything to it. (i think that can be good advice for all doctors and medical issues really) the first doc that i saw looked at my back for 10 seconds and said no theres nothing we can do.. it made feel sooooo shitty and down and out but instead of let it get to me i saw another doc who said we can do something about it it just may take a long time to see results. so here i am right now... 3 peels in and using silicone spray gel in the morning and night and using silicone sheeting during the night when i sleep. i'm realyl hoping i can see a huge improvement before the summer!! that would be absolutely incredible!!

any other questions feel free to ask, and if anyone else has body scarring stories it would be great to hear them as well!

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Treatments for body scarring have varying effectiveness, are more unpredictable, and darker skin tone limits what few(er) options you have.

You really need an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon to evaluate you, but it's still a good idea to get multiple opinions.

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Yep, you definitely need to see an experienced plastic surgeon and/or dermatologist. You can check on realself.com for derms/plastic surgeons near you and get a general idea of all the treatments/options in the site's database.

You're welcome!

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