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Hating Life And Acne

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Growing up i never had acne, it wasnt until mid 20's that i started to have issues. Im 28 now

It cleared up a year ago with salicylic peels, micro and antibiotics, although has flared up tremendously over the last few months.

It has crushed my confidence, and i feel like im turning into a different person because of it.

It has totally consumed my life, sometimes spending all day looking on the internet at treatments and blogs, it completely does my head in.

I wear makeup to cover it, but feel like it only makes it look worse, then cant wait to get the makeup off after work to prevent more damage. I wont even go to the beach anymore and it was my favourite thing in the world, but who goes to the beach with makeup?!

I, like most people on here have tried everything from proactiv, exposed skincare, honey masks, sulphur maks, lemon juice, salicylic gels, peels, micro, needling, ACV, gentle cleansers, harsh exfoliants - AND FINALLY DANS REGIMEN.

I have been doing Dans (or the alternate version, Cetaphil, Benzac 2.5%, Cetaphil lotion) for almost a week and not seen any improvement.

I currently take Zinc, B Complex, Supergreen supplement, Carla Oats glow, the Pill, and Akamin 50 (minomycin).

I drink so much water, exercise, eat healthy, no dairy, no rubbish food.

I want roaccutaine so badly, but its ages until i can get into a dermatologist.

I just wanted to know, should i stick with dans regimen? Or am i doing long term damage because of the Benzoyl Peroxide?

So over it ...:(

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Hi Guzzi,

I am 18 years old, male, and understand what you are going through.. Acne has done exactly this to me, CONSUMED my life. Zero confidence, zero self-esteem. I know you said its ages until you get to the dermatologist, but you should totally stick it out and ask your derm about "Epiduo" when you finally get in. I know you probably don't want to hear that but seriously, if you have the kind of skin that it sounds like, then I think it will work for you too. It has been 7 weeks for me on the treatment and I am finally almost clear. This is longer than most people take but it is so totally worth it. I haven't been clear in years. This gel is once a night before you go to bed. Wake up and you will likely be dry so apply Cetaphil lotion (which i am sure you are aware of) and you are good to go. The routine is simple, one step. I apply a pea size to each side of my face (less is more) and go to bed. DO NOT over apply this it wont help your breakouts and you will be very dry and red. Its common for females to get adult acne in their late twenties. I didnt get any acne whatsoever until i was 17 years old which is actually VERY late for a teenage male. Its has for sure been a rough year and a half but its looking up.

Please respond with any questions.. I honestly think this is your best shot since it sounds like you have mild/moderate acne that will clear up quickly. Only pop zits when they come to a head and pleaseeee don't pick your face.. you do not want marks later in life!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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how long did u try proactiv 4? ive been on it for 10 yrs, and i know it gets a bad rap but it does work..the only downside is that the bp can make ure face red, and my face is sometimes, but i guess its better than acne..and i use so little of the proactiv now because my skins so used to it, and i guess i dont need as much bp..i jus started breaking out on the front of my neck, and body acne so i am using dans regimen with his products, its ok so far.

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Jennay : The thing is none of my family have it! Im certain its hormonal and stress related.

I know what you mean, ive always been a pretty, and happy girl but im just being torn down by acne.

I do use natural products, exept dermablend, but it covers me perfect! Im just bumpy!

AND also, im sure you are still pretty :) and far from weird :)

Lanette: I used proactive for about a year a few years ago but stopped and it began to creep back.

Thats sucks proactiv stopped working for you.

Im just scared of having to use BP for the rest of my life

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