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Is There Any Powder Not Makeup I Can Use For Oily Skin

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Well, technically it's still makeup, but I think you're wanting a translucent powder to mop up shine. In that case, I recommend L'oreal Naturally Luminous powder in the "translucent" shade. I use that when I want a matte finish. Honestly, though, I've come to embrace my naturally dewy-looking skin since aside from powdering the daylights out of it, there's not much to be done to change it. I totally understand wanting to not be shiny for, like, five minutes though. Definitely feel you, there...

Another option that isn't makeup are those oil-absorbing sheets. Remember those? Clean and Clear still makes them. I keep them in my purse and they don't put powder on your face; they only absorb oil. Good for the end of the day when your makeup starts to melt off. Especially good if you have greasy eyelids and don't fancy eyeshadow migrating to your eyeballs.



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They make it in translucent shades (no color) no one would be able to guess you're wearing makeup. It just helps absorb oil and makes your skin look a little bit smother visually.

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Technically all powders and cosmetics that you leave on your face are "makeup". Translucent mineral powders have no color pigments and only work to set makeup and to mop up shine. There are also the oil blotting sheets I mentioned if you don't like the idea of wearing cosmetics. I highly doubt that mineral setting powder with no pigment will be perceptible, let alone make you look like a "drag queen".

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saw palmetto powder in your stomach. that removed the oil from my face. the oil could switch places from face to inside vitamine A capsules, that's also a 5 from 1 to 5 for me, and 5 is what the ph of a moisturiser should be, i heard. hope i'll hear good things from you too. bye

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I just recently discovered this new product that is meant for pore reducing and blurring but actually helps with shine too.

It's L'Oreal Pore Vanishing. It's pretty amazing, it blurs my pores and controls my horrible oil shine!!

It doesn't work complete miracles though, my pores are still somewhat noticeable just not as noticeable as always and I have to use extra in my most oily areas. It lasts most of the day but if I am in the heat and "sweat" more (I don't realyl sweat, just oil) then it will start to show during the day and I'll have to blot my face with oil absorbing sheets (which I got from Smith's for a lot cheaper than Clean & Clear).

It's more powder-based than liquid. It glides on smoothly, looks like concealer but settles as more like powder. It has color in it but just fades away and blends with your skin so it's not even really noticeable. It looks like a tan color but I've seen many reviews by light-skinned women who used it and you can't even tell it's there. I'm more tan-skinned and I can't notice it on me at all except for the little pore vanishing effect it has.

I would like to find something that controls oil more but this is a two-fer for me. Hides (kinda) my pores and controls some oil. At the end of the day (3pm) I'd be so oily that when I put my head down to sleep on the train, the oil transfers to my winter coat! Now it's very moderate, sometimes barely even oily if I didn't really exhauste myself during the day.

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To answer your question: Absolutely, yes!

I do the following to create a real matte look to my face.

-Take one of those bushy makeup brushers that girls use to apply bronzer or whatever powder they use.

-Tip some talcum powder onto it.

- Shake it to remove excess

- Dust back and forth across your face until it goes completely matte.

-Keep dusting until any visible talcum powder is removed.

Note that I am a male and I have tanned skin and it is not visible at all, after doing this.

Just make sure to brush it on and then dust it all off.

Let me know how you get on.

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I know a few but they would still fall under the make up category, however these ones where specifically made for oily skin:

1.MAC Mineralize Compact Powder
2.Bourjois Pastel Tient Essential Pressed Powder
3.Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
4.Colorbar Time Plus Compact
5,Oriflamme Very Me No Time For Shine Powder
these powders are very affordable and comes in a transparent top casing and a handy applicator
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