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Im pretty new to the board, I’ve only posted a few times so far! My name is Jessica, im 22 and from Minnesota. Im facing an issue right now, which im sure a few of you have also faced. Accutane. A little backround on my acne – I’ve always had some mild acne. As a teenager – I had some –a little more than normal maybe but nothing major – but of course more than I would have liked to deal with. However, as an adult im experiencing it much more than I would like as well (as if anyone ever LIKES it, lol). Anyways, I had my son at age 20. My skin was starting to take a turn for the worse BEFORE I got pregnant but it seems like ever since I’ve had my son its never mellowed out. I get some nodule/cystic acne on my back – not a whole lot – maybe 6 or so at most at one time – but then there can be some smaller ones as well. I sometimes get it on my neck and chest and when it comes to my face I have it along my jawline, lower cheeks, sometimes right in the middle of my cheeks and along my hair line. I have scars on my cheeks but nothing like that of someone who has full blown cystic acne. Either way though it is damaging to my self esteem. Anyways, I also get a lot of bumps/clogged pores/blackheads – on most areas of my face. It seems at any given time of the month I will always have a few pimples – but of course it can flare up pretty badly around that time of the month. Here’s the issue. I went to the derm, they didn’t seem concerned about putting me on Accutane in fact they offered it to me. They said I could do antibiotics to control it, or accutane to attempt to cure it. I can’t tell if its hormonal or not since I get it on my body and really always have it, regardless of the time of the month. I just learned about Spiro on this site. Which is to treat horomonal acne right? What do you guys think?? Should I go for the Accutane ?? Creams and stuff only seem to work temporarily for me and manage my acne. I want to get rid of it you know?? My doc didn’t mention spiro but did say that some of the acne looked hormonal but still seemed to believe that Accutane would do the trick. Accutane is a huge deal – and commitment – so im wondering what I should do?? Any suggestions or experiences w/this kind of acne??? Thanks!

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