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The Regimen... Ha

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How is this supposed to work any better than proactive? Its just a benzoyl peroxide based regimen..... How is it any different than using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide from Walgreens. How is it any different than ANY other 3 step face regimen. Its the same crap. Not feeling very determined about this. You can keep drying up your breakouts all you want. You will just have a face full of dried up pimples. Its not fixing anything from the inside of the pores... Your skin is still going to clog up and get pimples. This regimen helps a little bit, just about as much as proactive will do. Its a shame. This website is somewhat a scam. Thanks Dan for getting our hopes up!

You realize you can use drugstore products, right? So how is it a scam? The Regimen is similar to ProActiv, but ProActiv was way too aggravating to me and didn't use enough BP to completely clear skin.

Muffhandz, it's coming across like you're just not willing to give it a go. In the end, it'll only be your loss for not properly trying the regimen

Exactly. Muffhandz is the one with something to lose. Not us. We're a testimony of the results. Edited by Dan Fan
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holy eff it's one thing to be skeptical but labeling this line as a scam? calm down. click to see my results. at least give sometime for the skincare routine to kick in before you go smack talking it. proactive did NOTHING for my skin and it's one of the most hyped products to clear your skin. quit using the regimen if it doesn't tickle your fancy but don't discourage others from even trying it with your lack of experience.

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