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Fractora 3000 Treatment Journal

Hi , I'm 21 years old and I am from Romania. My dermatologist recommended me to try the Fractora treatment for post-acne scars.

You are the only person that is doing a personal review about his experience after using the Fractora treatment that I coud find on this page.

Since last year I have had acne related skin problems, but never before this... They are sort of starting to go away, but my face is still full of red-marks and spots, but at least my face feels and looks cleaner after all the treatment I have done.

The scars are the one thing that is really scarring me. The are in general Ice pick, quite a few. I do not have any Rolling or Boxcar one's.

I was never a make-up fan, and I really hate the idea of having to wear foundation cream for the rest of my life to cover the spots and scars :( especially beacause i never had probems like this before.

My questions are:

Do you really feel that your skin in soothing out? Can you observe that you skin is smoother, just like in the places that you didn't have acne? At least can you anticipate that the scars ( at least the superficial ones, like the Ice pick) will dissapear and smooth out completely? Or are they just less visible? How about the red and brown spots? Is the general aspect and texture of your skin toned? Do you trust that in your next sessions you will be even more pleased by the results?

A woman that I found on the internet that did Fractora said that she only sees 20% results after the whole treatment.

I know that you are just at the begining of your Fractora sessions...

I really hope that this treatment works and anyways I probably am going to do it, to at least speed up all the healing proces of this post-acne scars. I really think that this is the worst permanent thing that can happen to any young adult :( but at least i want to know if it will really help me or just spending money trying....

Best wishes and hope to hear from you soon. Keep us Updated!

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yeah I read about this girls experience already , sort of helpful but she says that :

"My scars look darkened and some areas look slightly inflamed. My medium depth scars darkened in colour making them more visible this is on my temple and forehead near my eyebrows."

so, that's kind of wierd..

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So its been exactly 2 weeks and one day since treatment. i know its still too early to give an exact estimate on improvement. i have to say that yes i did receive improvement on my boxcars and alittle bit of ice picks. my left side with less severe scarring is almost scar free and i believe fractora had a major role in this. my right side which is where i have the deepest scarring has became more shallower.

to answer some questions fractora does indeed make the scarred area smooth. it evens out the surface therefore evening out texture and tone. its hard to estimate the improvement since the collagen remodeling process is still taking place. so far so good. i must remind everyone that im doing enerjet + fractora. im stuck on deciding whether to go for my third enerjet or go for my second fractora. it is really a hard decision to make. fractora has far less down time then enerjet . i only did my cheeks and for head i have no experience with temples all though i do have scarring on temples i refuse to get it treated because of the blood vessels and vains in the temple area im scared of some damage being done. maybe thats why the female experienced darkening of her scars on temple because of the blood vessels and vains. i can confirm and say yes, fractora is helpful for acne scarring and yes with multiple treatments there is a very high chance of getting major improvement. this should encourage fellow scar sufferers to think outside the box and look into the science behind fractora. it is not a laser and is safe for all skin types. im a skin type 3 with Hispanic skin and i have responded well. i still have alittle bit of red/pinkness but it doesnt bother me and is nothing serious.

unfortunatley im dealing with another problem on top of my scarring, i have hair growing on my cheek and cheek bone and inside my scars which causes a great deal of concern. the options im faced with to get rid of the hair is bad. im considering electrosys but i heard it can cause scarring. look at the irony in that! i fear that if i do electrosys all my improvement i gained over the course of 6 months. im gonna look into it more but there was this one doc who said there is a method of using electrosys on acne scarring. maybe im on too something big here? only time will tell.

as for pics, i took pics on my cell and for some reason the images are not able to upload. i sent them to 4meracenryguy to c if he can upload them but it didnt work either. if anyone wants to c what post fractora looks like msg me and i will send it to your email,

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Hi all. Too sum up fractora its a 50/50. I only had one treatment so this is not based on numerous treatments. It gave me hyper pigmentation problems which took around 2 months too subside. The improvement I got was very minimal for the money I paid. It also opened my pores up which is not good.in all I wouldn't recommend it. Intracel is a better option because its more aggressive and gives better results.

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I had a fractora treatment 10 days ago.  It was some what painful even after having the numbing cream on for an hour.  I could smell my skin burning at one point.  Quite bloody as the night went on.  Next day, washed my face and the blood washed away just leaving a rosie completions,  and slight swelling.  There is some improvement in texture, but I am not convinced at this stage it has made much difference to the scars but then I am a person who is very sceptical.  My brother saw me a week later and recons there is a noticeable difference.  I was told 2 treatments would Completely erase the scaring to my cheeks, but only improve the bad scar to my temple.  I did say I will believe it when I see it as I believe one can not totally get rid of scarring after years of trying to. What info I have read, states improvements do not notice until after 2 weeks and this is what I am relying  on to start noticing some real difference about a months time.  My treatment has to be 8 weeks apart, next one due in December.  I got the treatment on offer at half price £600 instead of £1200.  At the moment, so glad I did not pay the full price and not sure yet if it was worth the £600 but will post again in 2 weeks

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