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Maybelline dream matte mousse

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Hi guys,

has any of you used the new maybelline dream matte mouse? i've read mixed reviews about it from other sites but i'm really concerned about whether or not it'll make me break out. rolleyes.gif

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It didn't make me break out. The colors are good, and the consistency is delicious. It very fluffy and mousse-like. The coverage is good also. However, I discovered Bare Minerals and now I can never go back to ordinary foundation.

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I loved the consistency, but I couldn't get a good color match (I have very light, ivory-toned skin!) I really liked how it dried very quickly to a soft, powdery finish. Must have something to do with the silicones. I'm working on a line of mineral cosmetics right now, and I wish I could come up with something *all natural* that has this light, airy, whipped consistency! We'll see!

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Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse is too greasy for me....didnt last very long and..

I am pretty sure was the cause of a new breakout .

Im in a constant search for a "Miracle" make-up...this was not even close...I promptly returned it to the store.

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I so wanted to love this makeup, but it didn't last very long on me (very oily skin) and gave me a huge cystic pimple on my chin (I never break out any more), so I switched to L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect. Still doesn't last that long, but it doesn't make me break out and I love the texture!

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