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Help I dont' know what to do

I am 14 female and can't seem to get rid of, or even make it less than acne. I started out with a derm telling me to use the retina A micro, and BP wash. That didn't work. I tried facials every two weeks and chemical peels, that made it less, but it only came back worse when it is my time of the month. I read the regime from Dan and will be trying that. I have 8%BP and will also moisturize, but now after reading everyones post on what is can do with red spots, I am a little worried. I do take Margarite pills (herbal) but still haven't seen any new signs. Lately it has been getting worse. Everyone mentions that BP keeps the new from coming aboard, but what can you do for what is already there. Help I feel down and alone.

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If you have MSN ill talk to u, im a good listener. :-)

If you dont can you tells us all what sort of acne you have. i.e. where it is suituated etc and how bad it is.

Ben. Keep smiling most people dont care, and dont even notice, i know i never noticed anybody with spots that were incredibly bad. Im telling the truth nobody cares and nobody notices, its only you being self conscience. The acne will go!!! I promise!!!

MSN addy, [email protected]

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Hey what's up Alimarie I you age 15 (girl). I started to get acne when I was 13 years old at first it was a few spots, and I started to use Clean and Clear cleansing wipes twice daily but there was not change. Then I started to use C&C Face Foaming wash a during that time my acne got worse I got a wholle bunch of little white heads on my cheecks and they would never go away. I tried C&C Cream Cleanser some of the bumps went down but the sides of me cheecks started to get dark, hyperpigmatation. Then after that I asked my mother to order proactive for me and she did, I saw no change int my acne more bumps came and my whole face got darker and dry/flakey. I had switched back to the C&C for a while then I changed to Dove soap for sen skin with there night cream and a 10% BP cream on my acne prone areas I saw little improvment in my acne and my cheeks got ever darker. I decided that mabey a simpler more natural regimen might work so I use Aveeno Clearing soap at night, and the daily scrub in the morning with the brightening lotion. My skin started to lighten back up to it's natrual color and my acne go just a bit better. Currently I am 100% clear and my face is even toned with my chest an neck agian. I am now using and al natrual African Black soap with 100% Tea Tree oil and 100% Sheabutter, with Nutrogena Clear pore to spot treat.

Deit is also very important. Cut down on products contains white sugar or flour, and drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies. And try to keep active.

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