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Army + Self Consciousness = My Biography

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They made me stop my 5 year long acne medication/regime before I was officially processed into basic training. If I would have known how severe and intense that my acne was going to get because they made me stop... I would have never joined.

I had always fancied myself as being lucky in regards to personal appearance. My father didn't have my kind of pill form and topical medication in his day, so I could understand why his face looked mildly "rough". It's funny how the tables ended up turning though. Now I'm the one with much more severe acne scars in the comparison between us. :(

After graduating from High School, I chose to be a Calvary Scout, a combat specialty in which females are not allowed to join. A very competitive atmosphere in which all outer and inner attributes were thoroughly recognized by my peers and instructors.

I believe that a combination of above normal stress levels, the inability to clean my face 3 times a day, and a sudden stop of topical and pill medication is what made me brake out in a kind of acne that I never thought was possible to occur on my skin.

When I joined it was a time of war. Our Drill Instructors pushed the brim of there hats into our noses in an effort to make us understand that 1 out of 4 of us would surely die in combat. Perhaps this is because the Army had not yet established a calculated approach to Improvised Explosive Devices at that time, who knows...

Many soldiers that I knew from basic training died because they were sent to Iraq. I on the other-hand was sent to Korea with a fresh batch of Accutane, and hope for blemish free skin. That stupid Accutane sure does suck the acne right out of you in a rapid amount of time, I must admit.

BAM!!! Now the scars are there. Since 2001 - 2014 (and still continuing) my scars have been engaging in psychological warfare with me. I would have rather died in Afghanistan then to keep continuing in this psychological battle with an enemy that seems to be immortal.

Time now is 10:40 1/27/2014, and I have just come across an individual that go's by the name of SweetandSour on this website. He has gone beyond the normal way of thinking about resolving acne scars, and has prevailed in making his scars rise to a flush level with his surrounding skin. HE DOES THIS BY SELF SUBCISION. He literally took a sowing needle and inserted it around the edges of his scars and tore up the scar tissue, which ended up being completely successful after he healed. I read that once the scar tissue is successfully punctured, there is a sort of popping noise that is heard, similar to rice crispy treats.

I shall try his same method of approach. If the Administration of this website will let me, I plan on using this post to show the before, during, and after pictures of my acne scars, and also relay to my viewers the trials and errors that I am going through.

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