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thinking of starting the regimen

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hey guys i have been trying to get rid of my acne for about 3 years now and have found nothing that worked... it seems like over the summer it goes away alot but not compleatly... may be due to sun and no stress... anyways...

well now im in school and heres what i have been doing

1. take 1 or 2 erythromycin pills a day (500mg)

these dont seem to be doing much other than giving me an upset stomach everyonce in a while... ive been takin em for about a year now

2. Washing face usually 2 sometimes 3 times a day if acne is really bad, using some green dove soap.

i dont know how well this is working... bad soap?

3. After washing covering my face with a thin layer of Klaron... usually once or twice a day.

this is a really watery material that if my acne is bad i will apply twice a day instead of just once at night.

4. putting either a thin layer or only on zits of Differin .1%

Dermatologist said this is good for black heads... i use it about the same as the stuff above.

5. I also every night am putting my face over a boiling thing of steam before i wash it for about 10-20 minutes.. helping? also right after i do that i will dap a cloth in the hot water and dap it on the zitz... to the point where its right before burning.

Ive been lookin around alot and have seen that people said to either piss on a rag and wipe it all over your face right before bed, this seems kinda groose to me and will only do if someone highly reccomends it... or use a q-tip to dap rubbing alcohol on zits after washing... either of these good?

next i just learned to use a sterilzed neelde and gaze to pop zits only when i really need too (starting this tonight)

and third tommorow i am going to the store to buy the products reccomend for the regimen. should i take the pills i am and also use the diffren and klaron along with the regimen stuff? how about the pee or alcohol?

my situation with acne is when i wear a beanie of hat my acne seems to get really acted up... but normall i am getting big one (rather than small one) on 4 diffrent parts of my face... practically all over... i also have black heads on my nose and have just said screw it to those... any suggestions?!

can someone work out a good plan for the stuff i have and am going to have?

i also try to have greasy food at most once a week... i eat pretty healthy...

for my bacne i was going to try the method here http://www.acne.org/backacne.html and get some Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion.. sound good?

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The regimen works wonders; many people here will tell you that.

I went to a derm 9 months ago, and ended up with clindamycin, differin, brevoxyl-8 wash, as well as oral antibiotics. The wash alone cost $40, but I can't remember the total cost. It worked well, but did not clear me totally. I did this for several months.

Over summer vacation, which was really stressful, my acne got worse (it was mild, maybe borderline moderate). I had to work at Subway, and state law requires all food service employees to wear hats or visors. And they didn't exactly believe in constant air conditioning there. I stumbled upon this site in June or July, when I was looking for a cheap, effective acne treatment, but was too stubborn/dumb to do the regimen until getting back to school in August.

Since mid- to late-August, I've been religiously doing the regimen (about the only thing I do in that manner, heh) and have clearned up 98%. I don't even get my monthly breakouts anymore that I'm accustomed to getting before my period. I can do all those things my mother has warned me against doing, including my favorite: constantly wearing a hat.

Alcohol will dry your skin out ridiculously and cause you to get oilier, plus it's not exactly the healthiest thing to be putting on your skin constantly anyway. Urine, while sterile and contains urea which is used in some lotions, would be a bit off-putting, I would think (especially the smell). I wouldn't use the differin along with bp, but that's just my opinion. Also, washing your face more than twice a day on a regular basis is taxing for the skin; the regimen emphasizes treating your skin gently, and using soap (which is alkaline) on it really isn't good for it.

Luckily, I've grown out of the bacne stage for the most part.

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You should do the regimine and stick to it as much as you possibly can, watch the videos, read the sheet and don't use any other products. Do this for two months and see what happens. Things might not seem to be improving at first, you may even see an initial worsening of your acne, but given time the regimen will work. Good luck

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alright today i got the soap reccomended, the lotion, and for bp... the only kinds i could find were neutegena 2.5% and oxy 10%... i rinsed my face really well with hot water, washed like in the video with soap... then i only popped 1 zit that was really bugging me and i used a steralized needle with gauze... after that i washed my hand and did exactly like in the video with the 2.5% BP... then i put only a little 10% on a really infected part... my face feels a little better already! but the only complainet i have herd is from red spots... if i start getting these i should use a peel right? well thanks guys ill keep you updated... if in two months this isnt helping im gonna start takin that pill again along with using some differen... and if that dosnt help ill use the klaron again... thanks...

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well auctally it was right after i worked out... in my room... i dont need to pay a gym membership like you... and its funny cause everything you just told me applys to you! Yeah i have a job too... and im only 16, have a better body than you, and probly make more than you. If you own a wholesale buisness what are you doing on a forum site to cure acne? get back to work... thanks for the luck...

and with that body... you must not work very much...

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stop with the pills your most lilky immune to them by now, dont over wash your face the steam, hot water in my experience isent goin to do shit but over irratate it according to dan 2.5 % and 10 % works the same around my area it is cheaper to get 10 % so i use that the regiment works for me but it dosent stop acne i have tried basically ewverything but accutane and nothing really stops it  sad.gif but this seems to be the cheapest way to calm it down

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alright alirhgt... my bygons be bygons (or however its spelled) well thanks for your help guys... i took the advice and dropped everything except whats on the regimine....

i put on the 2.5 percent about 10 times in 1 day because i herd that you should keep it up and use it alot ... well the only peeling im getting is on the old zits which is auctally relly good cause there kinda just peeling off ... and holy crap is this working! either its just a radom thing or the regime is really workin... all zits decread about half there size and the small ones simply kinda peeled off!!! its crazy... and my skin dosnt even feel dry like some people complain about... infact it feels smoother and less oily than ever... jesus i hope this keeps up...

i know its only been the first night but wow if results keep comin like this im never stopping and reccomending this site to everyone i know. Ill post pictures when i get my camera back... i left it at work. My mom was even suprised... not one new zit and only a few whiteheads that were expected... but a simple steralized needle and gauze removed those without a trace... any reccomendations to a newbie?!

i couldnt resist... i had 2 mcd's cheesburgers today... i hope that greese dosnt hurt me... redface.gif

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Be careful with how much BP your applying there, after a few days your gonna be paying the price if your applying BP 10 times in a day!! stick to twice a day. Good luck, and pleased it's working out for you

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yeah i know it was just the first day i put on alot... and say huge results over night... and still am! ive cut it down to doing the full regimine 2 times a day... then then like right after shool or work i will just put a little bp on the infected areas.... im starting to get a little redness around my lips though (where its infected) so im eventually gonna have to use a peel to get this to go away?!

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