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One day while I was searching for a seemingly hopeless acne/acne scar cure, I came across a comment that talked about extra virgin olive oil massages. It said to massage entire face with oil for 20+ minutes, which would correct skin tone, eliminate acne, get rid of any acne scarring, and moisturize your face all at the same time. Wow, that sounded amazing, like a miracle.

I bought some 'orgainic' spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Trader Joes and immediately started massaging that night. The next morning I woke up with a horrible breakout. Every pore clogged. But i was an idiot and continued to massage every night because I was convinced this treatment would work, and that the breakout was just part of a purge. After a week, my skin was more clogged than ever before. But suprisingly my scars were kinda fading and looking smoother after only a week. But I couldn't deal with the clogged pores so I stopped using it. Immediately after stopping my skin improved, so I believed that I was just unlucky and this treatment didn't work for my skin type.

Months later I got a facial and the lady there asked how my pores got so clogged up, i told her it was most likely using EVOO. She was surprised, and told me that shouldn't happen because its noncomedogenic. So I went home and did some research. And that's when I found out that the olive oil I bought was a from a FRAUD COMPANY and it was not real extra virgin oil. And apparently, 2/3 of labeled organic extra virgin olive oils aren't 100% extra virgin, which explains why so many people are breaking out using this treatment. Most foreign oils and some local oils are only half organic, mixed with others to save money. There's a huge scam going on in the olive oil world, and I was a victim of it.

So at this point, I'm searching for a California made extra virgin olive oil that is completely organic. I'm also open to any other oil, since there are so many, there has to be one that is beneficial to my skin type.

Once I find the right oil, here's my plan:

1. Use Osmosis gentle cleaner to wash off dirt and oil (natural and gentle).

2. Massage with oil for 5 minutes in morning and 15 at night.

3. Wipe off excess oil with tissues.

4. Use suntengrity natural mineral sunscreen whenever I'm in the sun for more than 10 minutes. (EVOO also works as a natural sunscreen)

5. Wash pillow cases every other day.

6. Avoid dairy, soda, and chocolate

7. Drink lots of water

8. Take multivitamins and probiotics every day

Nothing life impeding or too complex. I think its a great cure for acne, acne scars, and red skin tone. The massages should smoothen your skin and eliminate all flaws, as long as you tighten your cheeks by opening your mouth when massaging. I have confidence this will work, but first I have to experiment to find the right oil.

Anyone have experience with good oils? Any suggestions? I don't want to use more than one at a time, I don't believe in complicating skin care. Tell me what you think.

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So are you saying Trader Joe's is a fraud or the purchasing managers at TJ are idiots who can't tell the difference between a legit and a fake? I don't think so.

Had you bought the EVOO in question from some no-name store, then I would believe you. But Trader Joe's? That's hard to swallow, since their quality standard is one ofthe highest in the industry.

If you truly believe you got a fraudulent POS, you should definitely bring it to their attention for an investigation.

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Yes, I'm postive. And bringing it to their attention wouldn't do much, big corporations don't acknowledge small things like that. If you look up the brands they use you would immediately see the 'organic 100% olive oil' is not what it claims. Don't be fooled by the big names.

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