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Guest agentx

*hands realangel a rainbow* heheh

anyways ... my elec bill is for 3 months, we get them after 3 months down here in ozland. ure in usa i guess?

its fun having no cash lol. better days ahead though as usual.

every cloud has a silver lining, take this to heart.

Agent ] x [

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Ummmm ok.  I have a business plan due on monday *stressed out*.  I just finished a project management assignment which took all weekend, working 10-16 hour days in school, no time to work out, eat junk food in order to survive (no time for a real meal). Stressed out, stressed, stressed. 

Grad school....... prelude to real life.

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I'm pretty sure for some of us, if we really did let out a smidgen of our emotions for only a moment I'd probably want to smash up this laptop and pretty much burn this house down. There is no way of venting. Thats why I don't much anything out, only when it becomes unbearable.

But to a lighter topic, I am falling behind in uni. Thats stressy. I don't wanna let down my folks y'know? Socialising is an issue too.

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