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Ali B

People i need HELP

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I`m 28 years old and i have a skin problem !

I dont have acne or anything (somethimes one comes up) but my problem is the color of my skin !

If the color of my skin is good the girls are realy in to me ! if the color is not okay they look @ me and they have a reaction from : Yuck he is ugly !

Color of my skin makes ore brakes my looks !

I found this out a few years back on vacation in Portugal, i used a self tanning spray on my face and all the girls where interested on me.

Back home i found out that i need to do something about my skin.

I used that spray for a long time, and it was effective on me, every nicht before i go to sleep i sprayes it on my face, waited a half our and then go to sleep, in the morning i had a great tan, and it looked good in every licht ! also heavy licht @ my work.

I got compliments from friends and workmates that i looked good, and the girls gave me atention.

But now the bottle is empty and i can not buy this product here in Belgium.

I have surfed the net and i buyed ZIRH BRONZE SELF TANNING, but i`m not happy using it, if i use this every day my skin gets to brown and it does not look natural !

Now i wanted to ask you if there is not a daycream that gives my skin a nice look(self tanning) all day and i can use every day over and over again ?

What can i do best for myself ?

I have read about Studio5ive but they would not send their stuff to Belgium :o( i realy had a good feeling about their products after reading their site !

Friendly regards


My skin type is : Brown hair, blue eyes, i tan easely in the son, but i also get burned by time to time.(the red turns into brown after copple days)

And i have a mixed skin type, The nose is dry and the other parts in the face oily i think.

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way true, darker skin just looks more healthy.... just goto a local tanning spa or lay out in the sun a few horus a day....

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Hi Werd !

I have a soft brown tan at the moment, i visit once a week a (haw do you call that things where you lay under with lichts so you get a tan, Zonnebank in Dutch)

But still this does not let me look good, i want something i can aply after waching my face and gives me a natural little bit browning tan.

Do i have to use powder to achieve that ?

Has anyone experience with this product ? http://www.studio5ive.com/HTML/mens-foundation.htm

And the skincolor of me is MEDIUM BEIGE COMPLEXION http://www.studio5ive.com/HTML/skin-tone-for-men.htm

I think it is just what i need, unfortunaly, they will not deliver to Belgium sad.gif

Anyone an ide what i also could get and what gives me the same result ?

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