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Hello smile.gif

I've been reading the topics on spiro with utter concentration and interest.I'm thinking about asking the doctor for it myself.I've tried many treatments for acne over the 6 years of me suffering with it including roaccutane twice which helps but hasn't completely cleared my skin.

I'm on dianette which i have been on for 5 years.It doesn't really work for my skin anymore but when i first began taking it after 4 months of being on it it made my skin completely clear.It's the only treatment i have tried so far that has completely cleared my skin which makes me think that spiro could work for me too,but hopefully not stop working like the dianette.Maybe the anti-androgen in dianette isn't enough compared to the doasge in spiro.

Afew months back i had my hormone levels tested and they are normal really although i still think that spiro could work because there is the possibility of my oil glands and hair follicles being overly sensitive to normal levels of hormones which spiro can treat.

At the moment i'm worried about asking my doctor for the spiro because the acne is mild.He might think i don't need it but i just really want to treat the acne that is left to get completely clear skin and also i don't want to wait if if skin could get worse again which it normally does.

I'm 21 by the way so i guess it's not teenage acne anymore.Although my derm once told me that most people grow out of acne by the time they're 25.I don't want to wait any longer because it seriously disables my life(i might explain more about this later-long story smile.gif )

So,is spiro good for mild,persistant acne?My acne sometimes goes moderate but mild at the moment.Did anyone get an initial breakout because that puts me off?Although from what i've read i haven't found anyone who's had an initial breakout.

How could i get it from my doctor???

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I am 31 and had mild but very persistant acne all my life which only cleared up during my pregnancies. I started taking 200 mg of spiro in April of this year and am completely clear now and have been since about a month after i started taking it. This is the only thing my skin has ever responded to. I had no initial breakout and no negative side effects. If you doctor will not prescribe it to you you can always get it online like i do. I think every woman with acne should try spiro. Its just so easy...take a few pills every day and have clear skin. My life is so much better thanks to this drug.

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I was just going to post this same question!

I am going to a clinic first thing tomorrow morning because the Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo that Planned Parenthood prescribed to me is making my face horrible.

I want to ask the doctor to put me on Yasmin, but I also wanted to ask if they could give me Spiro just for the interem.

Of course, this won't be a derm, just some random doctor at a Manhattan sliding-scale clinic, because I don't have health insurance.

Do you think they'll do it? Should they?

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Butterly and Dura:

I'd say go for it! All the topical and antibiotics were just short term solutions for clearing my skin. After about a month as Pankins also experienced, my skin was clear. Its really great to have one less thing to worry about, your skin.

good luck,


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Well, I ordered the spiro today! I have to say that I'm a bit wary about the side effects of possible kidney damage.

I once had some elevated BUN levels when I had my kidneys tested. Nothing major, but it is making me cautious.

I believe I will start at just 25 mg a day.

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