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Big Red Marks For Over 2 Years

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Okay, so I can't seem to find any information anywhere that correlates directly with my own situation. If there was any, surely I'd have found it after years of different searches. I have these red marks on my face, 8 in total. I have had these for about 2 years now. They are all where old pimples used to be, but I have since completely rid my face of acne. The thing about these marks is that they seem to be a lot bigger than most pictures i've seen of other people's marks. Also, 34x as stubborn. Not only do my marks not fade ever, but they seem to only be getting worse over time. I can't use any cleanser, only very specific moisturizers, and absolutely cannot, under any circumstance, touch my face. If I do any of these, they turn bright red, the skin around them gets very irritated, and they only get bigger and darker in the long run. They are also extremely sensitive, and if I brush up against them, they will actually tear, bleed, and take MONTHS to heal back up to where they were before. I HATE going anywhere. I hate taking showers, as it always causes them to look 10x worse. It takes me so long to get ready in the mornings because I have to wait hours for them to fade a bit before I finally suck it up enough, tell myself "Best It's gonna get", and leave. I find myself unable to make and maintain eye contact with people due to fear of them looking at my marks. I've tried to go to the dermatologist about this, but he just told me "I've seen worse" and that it probably is either an infection, I pick them in my sleep, or I have lupus... Needless to say, I have not been back to that genius since. I can't help but let these bother me, as they have been here as long as I can remember. they are on my cheeks and jaw, each ranging from the size of a dime to half a dime. The closest thing I have found that sounds similar to what I have is Post Inflammatory Erythema, but very very limited amount of information about that is available, either. I just want to know what to do. I want these to finally go away. I'm tired of feeling so disgusting all of the time. Any kind of information that you can provide, please do so.
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Post a pic. No one can help you if we can't see them. Shouldn't that be obvious? For all we know, you could be talking about boxcars because you might not know how to diagnose yourself. Just post a pic, and then I'll get back to you.

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Yeah pictures would help us to see whats really going on. The good news is that redness is easier to treat than actual scars. Go to a different dermatologist if need be and see what that one has to offer. I had to learn that going through many different doctors and dermatologists was the way to go. Although, the nature of your red marks seems quite odd to me but I am no professional. I think priority number one is finding the right derm to get down to business and figure out why your marks are getting worse, morphing to bigger sizes and what not. After the problem is corrected you can then start to receive treatments to fade anything that is leftover. The one thing acne has taught me is that if you want something improved you have to go to hell and back to fix it. Once i have my acne cured and my scars improved to the point where they can not get any better, there is NOTHING in life that i can face that was more horrible than my acne war. So, while I hate acne, it has taught me a valuable lesson that I think I needed anyway.

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