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I am a 46 year old woman, with moderate acne. No matter what I do - it will not go away. I know logically that I am not a failure, that this disease is just that hard to beat. But it doesn't stop me from getting depressed.

I think the people of this forum are the only ones who can understand. Those that haven't lived with it even for a few years, can't imagine what it is like to have this your entire pre-teen and adult life.

Please let me know I am not alone.

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Youre definitely not alone! What kind of treatments have you tried? I suggest Accutane if you havent yet.

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Nope, you're not alone. I'm 41 and have been dealing with acne since I was about 18. I've tried everything, including Accutane (which DID work, but the side effects, for me, were horrid. Doesn't mean they will be for you, though. Everyone is different grinwink.gif )

I now follow a mostly natural regimen, WITH BP. This has been what has been working for me and it's the clearest I've been in YEARS! (98% clear cool.png)

Just letting you know you're not the only 40 something on here suffering from the nasty face demons....there's actually quite a few of us here!

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Not tried Accutane as of yet - because of the horrible side affects I have heard can happen. I am almost to the point though - that I just might.

Its so hard fighting acne AND wrinkles! lol. At least I am winning (I think) on the wrinkle front.

Thanks guys!

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definitely not alone. Im 38 and have suffering since about the age of 12. 1/4 century worth of it. You've found a great support network here. Best wishes

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for aging skin with adult acne, try mandelic acid from the garden of wisdom, I like the 10% no alcohol no seaweed

and at any age, ditch dairy, all together for 30 days...and if there is no change then put dairy back and ditch gluten completely for 30 days....those are two common triggers...it's tough but easier then having acne

try it and the mandelic and keep me posted...I'm right in that age zone too, my acne has gotten better but I'm still vigilant, and accutane didn't work for me AND I had horrible side effects, but it does work for most....but do these diet changes first

hang in there, it is tough but I keep fighting every day and I am winning- keep us posted!

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You're definitely not alone!! I'm 44 and never had these issues this bad until now.Adult acne really sucks because it does not heal as well as younger skin would.cry.gif

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