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how i got rid of 90% of my acne scars

hi guys!

this is a long story, but it's worth it. i started getting bad acne at 15 and i was a picker and a popper (i REGRET this so much) and eventually, when i discovered this web-site and my skin cleared up, i learned to my horror that i can tons of scarring.

mainly, my problem was that any white head that formed, would automatically make a tiny ice pick scar that was visible and any occassional pimple would make a shallow rolling scar. m face was a wide assortment of scarring, mainly on my cheeks/cheekbones and jawline.

as well, using bp made my skin really red and my pimples would go away, but i would be left with red/brown marks that would not go away...i'm serious, i had some for 9 months.

then, during this summer that just passed, i went to a new derm and she gave a glycolic acid peel kit. the kit has 3 things: a moisutizer, face wash and the best part, the overnite facial fluid. i went through two kits, the 1st one was 2.5% glycolic acid, and the second one was 8% glycolic acid (i have to get the final 10% during christmas) and my skin dramatically improved. almost all of my ice picks are gone (they look like normal pores now) and my rolling scars are 90% more shallow and less noticiable.

i made my own regime and what i found to work the best for me is: i wash my face with the face wash and leave it on my skin for a good 20 min. then i was the risidue off and apply 2.5% bp, wait for it to dry and then apply 10% glycolic acid moisturizer and aveeno positivly radiant w/ sunscreen. i have a major oily skin problem and this completly helps me. i know some people will be horrified, but trust me, the combination of 10% glycolid moisturizer and 2.5% bp really works. it's a mini peel i leave on at night b/c i ran out of the overnight fluid.

also, i live in canada and you can buy 10% glycolic acid moisturizer at shopper's drug mart. i like it much better than the one the derm gives me and it's more economical. it's called NEOSTRATA 10% GLYCOLIC ACID MOISTURIZER W VITIMIN E

hope this helps!


incase this was too long for some or confusing, the basic equation is

2.5% bp + neostrata 10% glycolic moisturizer and your scars should start peeling away.

i also recommened going to the derm and getting the peel kit. it's called GLYTONE

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