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Going to check some OTC products today

eusa_wall.gif Hello, I am going to go look at a list full of products of some of the items listed in recent post's. I have, I would say moderate+++ acne.. All over the body, I will list some of the products that might be able to help you people with mild acne or moderate acne as well, if anybody with moderate acne has tried some over the counter products that didnt work for you because you have more acne then mild, please list them and help them out. Some methods don't work for others but can do great for others. So when I get back I will leave a reply to this post to let you all know what I think might be a good for Mild & Moderate acne. eusa_wall.gif Be back soon eusa_wall.gif

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I'm currently using a 0.5 SA lotion and 3.0 sulfur as a spot treatment, it's working really well.

I have mild/moderate but persistent acne. I don't get those huge painful things...maybe like once every two months. It's mostly just tiny red bumps or occasionally, some whiteheads.

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Ok after awhile at the store and security watching me thinking I was a theif or somthing for spending alot of time observing products I have bought a Avantage Acne Clearing System from Clean & Clear. as it says, "Just 2 Steps for better looking skin in 2 days."

Im sceptical about this though since I do have moderate acne and this is only a Salicylic Acid treatment, both steps are. But, Its worth a shot, I never used just straight SA befor so since I am going to be looking for products that might help you mild acne user's out I will try this.??

All though I did come across a clearasil product called, Clearasil Ultra "Faster - Clearer skin in 3 days Guaranteed" Was pretty pricey though does contain 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and smooth the skin about 8 (US)dollars a tube.**?

But zapzit does about the same all though it does not contain Glycolic Acid, and is pretty much cheaper about 3 (US)dollars a tube.****

Also came across this "Oil-Free Acne Wash 60 Second Mask Scrub"

also very pricey with only 1% Salicylic Acid but it never did tell me what the 2-1 action was, it never said. ***?

For oily skin I have used this product from "Neutrogena" and it really works for people with really oily skin. I thought Id use it because I though oil was causing my breakouts but it isnt eusa_wall.gifOil-Control Foaming Cleanser Check it out. ****

Anyways I will try this straight Salicylic Acid routine and let you know how it works.. It contains 5FL.OZ. 2% SA cleanser and a 1FL.OZ. 1% SA Daily acne clearing lotion. Plus some Stri-dex pads with also 2% SA. Going to start this tonight

Use as recormended and in the morning as well, in the afternoon I will use Stri-dex pads, then at night use the system again. I am giving it a week if it does not work I want my cash back eusa_wall.gif

Oh and I aslo looked at the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System I didn't find anything to amusing about this product.

Next to the Advanced Solutions was a product called. "Acne-Free" says compare it to pro-active, and from using pro-active I did. Its about the same 1 product is diffrent contains BA in it a "Time releasing" that pro-active does not have, I havn't seen any product with "Time Releasing Medication" so that might be the + for the product..

Ok I thought I would let you know on what I looked at you probably already know all of this, but its worth a shot on some of the products. eusa_wall.gif

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