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accutane....skin texture...thinned skin?

does accutane make so sun sensitive you cant stand it? Im asian and tan very very easily......I have a tanned complaexion....also does it really thin ones skin? BTW my acne is mild to moderate but persistent

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it depends on your skin i guess

if u tan easy, then it probably would make it more sensitive.

I tan, but i don't sunburn EVER, but since i've been on tane (esp going from 40 to 60 gm) i use sunscreen, coz its summer here lol.gif

My advice, use some scent free sunny while ur on it.

Tane will make ur skin more sensitive so.. i dunno if it'd thin.. it's way more fragile but.. esp at the start

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It depends on your skin, but please use sunscreen. It's very dangerous not to. I didn't really burn, but my doctor made me take it during the winter/spring to avoid that. I still put on sunscreen every time I knew I'd be outside a while.

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I'm the opposite. I burn extremely easily without Accutane so I avoid the sun at all costs. I have noticed that my skin is more sensitive and doing anything out of the ordinary irritates it - - meaning applying make-up, washing more than twice a day, etc. I imagine that braving the sunlight without sunblock could be dangerous. There are several sunblocks that you can use which won't irritate your skin such as Neutrogena.

As far as skin thinning, I'm not so sure. You might want to check with your doctor regarding this.

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