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Getting through acne with a smile

I started getting acne very young, around 7th grade I believe, just very minor acne, but when I started hitting 11th grade it grew worse, and still worse to the point where I was checking my face between classes and picking at spots that I thought were pron to pop out during the school day. I would almost cuss at the world because I was so depressed with acne, I withdrew from friends, family, I withdrew from life, everytime I saw my face I wouldn't want to go out for the rest of the day. When I took the bus home from school I would try and hide myself if I knew that I had a pimple that had turned white that day. Only about 6 months ago did it really start getting bad, I'm talking breakouts all over, my chin, my nose, and on my cheeks, and when those areas went down, they left horrible after effect blemishes, most of them I still have. So I started doing research into acne, because I hate it and I wanted to get rid of it so bad. I started using many different acne products and finding out what worked for me and what didn't. Because I have very bad dry skin in the morning I would wash my face with a salicylic acne wash, and then use a salicylic lotion before school, and then would take a step further and dap pron areas with benzoyl peroxide. I would get home and because I had been sweating I would ususally just wipe my face with a paper towel to get off the oil, and if I "Had" to I would pop the nasty looking pimples and dab some peroxide on them. Because I get very dry skin after washing my face, usually at night I would just use the Cleocin the docter gave me, and I would put benzoyl peroxide(BP) all over my face and go to sleep. I also started taking Tetracycline about a month ago, and it starting working well but I had to recently get off of it due to allergic reaction. All this time later I have much less acne, and a lot of redness, most of which is hard to see during the day when the sun is on me and my tan shows through. Now while during everything I have doing to get rid of the acne has worked, the thing that worked most was how I was taking the acne emotionally. Remember how I said that acne made me depressed? Well I started fighting the depression from the acne even when I had bad acne, I saw people with much worse acne that I had, and I saw them acting like themselves and it actually made them look as more of a hero because they were fighting a battle against acne and winning. So I started coming out of my shell even with the acne and starting being happy, just being myself, I've been making tons of new friends, I have a great girlfriend, and I can finally enjoy everyday I have. I still have acne, pretty bad actually, but I don't let it bring me down anymore, and by doing that people can see the real me and the acne becomes obsolete when they see the real you. So everyone that has acne that brings them down, remember that you are a person to, and you deserve to have fun and be happy to, and people understand that, so let the real you show through. cool.gif

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Guest brokencocoon

Thank you for that. I needed that...


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Hmm, well I guessed I approached slowly. I didn't know the girl I'm going out with to well before we started going out, but I knew I liked her when I saw her, so I started moving in slowly. She hung out with the people I did, so I just started to talk to her more and more. Soon enough I went to a school football game with some friends, she was there, and she just started hanging all over me, so I asked her out to the homecoming dance that was coming up, and she said yes, and after the dance I asked her out. eusa_dance.gif

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