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A few questions from Canada

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I have used the proative solution but have had no real sucess with the product. I am going to give the regimen a chance. I plan on using the remander of the BP solution from proactive for the time being, but I am inquireing as to the availabitly of it Canada. Do I have to order it from this website? If so which is the better product. Also what are the better cleanser and moistureising products? And what about cleansers for the back? Thanks for the time


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Heym Hardstaff, why don't you look here http://www.acne.org/regimen-supplies.html

Dan tells what kind of cleanser and moisturizing products you need and which ones he recommends. I don't think you have to buy them through the website if you can find it at your local store for much cheaper. I would, however, recommend buying Dan's BP, that is best, but that's only available via his website. Look here http://www.acne.org/orderinternational.html for buying products outside the U.S.

I hope that helps,

Good Luck my Canadian Friend!

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Yeah, I myself am going to make some trips to some local drug stores to see if they have it. Hopefully they will.

As for cleanser, I have some no-named cleanser from Europe and a Clean and Clear Moisturizer that stings quite a bit actually.

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Shoppers has big tubes of 5% BP gel called Panoxyl for about $10. For a picture google image 'panoxyl aquagel canada'. it can be hard to find on the shelves. I'm in the east so i don't know if it's available in BC. - Lil

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